Suspect Killed In An Officer-involved Gunshot Overnight, Three Others Are Missing

One suspect was killed and three others were on the run after an officer-involved gunshot overnight.

At around 11:45 p.m. on Friday, Memphis Police claimed that officers on patrol noticed a suspicious vehicle at American Way and Goodlett.

According to a press release, after officers conducted a traffic stop, the car accelerated, lost control, and crashed into a park.

Armed and fleeing from the automobile were four individuals in complete black clothing.

Officers chased one suspect on foot to the 4700 block of Cochese, where, according to MPD, the man turned and opened fire at them.

According to officials, one of the officers returned fire and hit the suspect. The suspect was given help by more cops who arrived on the scene, but he was eventually declared dead there.

The three further suspects, according to authorities, are still at large, and no injuries were reported among the responding officers.

In order to give family members time to respond, that person’s identity is being withheld at this time. The policeman wasn’t hurt. TBI agents are conducting interviews and gathering evidence on their own to piece together the sequence of events that led to the incident.

The District Attorney General will be informed of the investigation’s results at various points for his additional assessment and consideration.

In these kinds of cases, the TBI serves as a fact-finder and does not judge whether an officer’s conduct was appropriate. The District Attorney General has the last say in that matter and can ask TBI to get involved.

The TBI does not name the officers involved in these instances but instead directs such inquiries to the relevant department for whatever response it deems appropriate. will publish any updates on this inquiry that become available.

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