Teen Finds Gas Station Restroom Phone Recording Her, Employee Arrested

Utah officials say that a worker at a gas station was arrested after he was accused of recording a 17-year-old girl while she went to the bathroom.

KSL got a copy of a police booking statement that says the teen was using the bathroom at a Maverik store in St. George on April 21 when she saw a phone recording her.

According to KUTV, the girl told officers from the St. George Police Department that she saw an iPhone under the back of the stall to her right while she was using the toilet.

Lucas Gorgoglione, 20, was seen following the teen into the bathroom and staying close after he left. Police told ABC 4 that it looked like he was “stocking toiletries in the men’s bathroom.”

Police told KUTV that the girl took the iPhone, deleted the video, and called the police from the bathroom stall because she was afraid Gorgoglione was waiting for her to leave.

Police told KSL that when they got there, the shop manager called Gorgoglione’s phone number and confirmed that the recording iPhone was his.

The St. George Police Department was contacted on April 25, and McClatchy News is still waiting for a reply.

Gorgoglione was taken to the Washington County Jail and charged with voyeurism with hidden electronic equipment and sexual exploitation of a child, both of which are felonies, according to ABC 4.

About 300 miles south of Salt Lake City is St. George.

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