Brother is Detained for Murder After Shooting a Teenager in Salt Lake City

According to the authorities, a teenage girl was shot and killed by her brother inside a home in Salt Lake City on Wednesday. Just after noon, police say they were called to a house in the 1600 Block of West Wright Circle where they discovered the girl in a severe condition.

Despite the efforts of police and paramedics, the girl passed away on the spot. The shooter had left the house before police arrived. The shooter was apprehended and the firearm was found after police saw a person matching his description boarding a Utah Transit Authority bus.

The gunman, who was identified as the victim’s teenage brother, was arrested and charged with murder before being sent to the Salt Lake County Juvenile Detention Center. Police have not disclosed the names of the suspect or victim, and they have not disclosed the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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Teen Girl Shot, Brother Arrested for Murder
Teen Girl Shot, Brother Arrested for Murder

Following the incident, Glendale Middle School, Parkview Elementary, and Edison Elementary were all placed on Secure Alert, which meant that no one was permitted to enter or leave the school buildings. Following the detention of the two people, the schools have since resumed regular activities.

“We let them know that there was a situation in the near vicinity and they are the ones who elected to put their schools on lockdown but there is no threat,” said Det. Ben Nielsen with the Salt Lake City Police Department. “There is no threat at this time believed to be to the public or anyone else.

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