Tennessee Rangers Members help evacuate people in Ukraine by Using security backgrounds

The Tennessee Rangers attempt to assist folks who have ties to Tennessee in their evacuation from Ukraine. According to Tennessee Rangers’ Bryan Seaver, the four men come from a security background, typical of most volunteer organizations.

According to Bryan Seaver, “most of our members have been involved in Eastern Europe through their day career paths working with the army, the State Department, and other organizations.”

This volunteer group has been assisting with natural disaster clean-up and search and rescue efforts in the surrounding area since 2019. Nevertheless, the invasion of Ukraine hit a nerve with the organization.

According to Seaver, “We were looking at cases where individuals we were familiar with, as well as individuals from Tennessee, had family members who needed to be evacuated from that area, and we have the resources to make that happen.”

Seaver went into detail about the people with whom their members have been dealing in Ukraine, as well as the assistance they have been able to provide.

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He explained that reaching out to someone who can shadow their trip, provide some security, and provide them with data to know the correct routes to take and which routes to avoid is an “essential and very critical service” that those people require.

“Everything from teachers is teaching English as a second language to people building churches over there,” he explained. So far, the Tennessee Rangers have assisted in transporting four people to Poland.

It is a non-profit organization that runs the Tennessee Rangers. This organization receives no financial support from the government and is not linked with a political party.

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