Tennessee Republican Resigns Over Intern S*xual Harassment

Scotty Campbell quit on Thursday after it came out that the state’s House Ethics Committee had found him guilty in the secret of sexually harassing at least one legislative intern, which is against the rules of the house. Campbell gave up his seat after voting to kick out of the House three of his fellow Democrats who protested gun killings on the House floor.

Campbell broke the chamber’s policy on discrimination and harassment in the workplace in March. The public didn’t know much about how the case turned out. Campbell was a member of the GOP leadership. He was the vice chair of the Republican House Caucus.

Even though the committee says it has a zero-tolerance stance for harassment, Campbell didn’t have to worry about much. The claims were first reported by NewsChannel 5 Nashville on Thursday. A note was put in his personnel file without his knowledge.

When it was found out, the House’s managers said that rules about privacy prevent them from saying more about the case. He stayed an active part of the legislature and used his position to punish other representatives for much less serious offenses.

House Speaker Cameron Sexton said a few hours later that he had gotten Campbell’s resignation and accepted it.

NewsChannel 5 found that several women who worked as interns in the House said Campbell made inappropriate sexual comments and moves toward them. The government may have spent thousands of dollars helping one woman move out of the apartment complex where Campbell lived.

A woman who was a student at a nearby university wrote an email to the university’s management about her time with Campbell. Campbell later told her that he had seen her and a 19-year-old friend go into an apartment building. He then told her, “He was in his apartment imagining that you and I were having sexual acts on each other, and it drove him crazy that we were so close to him.”

In a later meeting, the woman said Campbell had asked her how many men and women she had sex with, offered her weed in exchange for seeing her piercings and tattoos, and even grabbed her neck after constantly asking her “for several hugs.”

When asked by NewsChannel 5 on Thursday, Campbell said, “I had adult conversations with two adults off-property that we all agreed to.” “I think talks are agreeable once that has been said out loud. If I talk to an intern in the future, the conversation will be recorded.” The woman accused him in an email, saying that she had heard Campbell “admitted fully to his guilt.”

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Three Politicians Spoke Without Being Called on

Campbell spoke in favor of punishment earlier this month when the three Democratic members who protested gun violence on the House floor were being talked about. “If you did what those three did in court, you would have been found in contempt of court.”

In reaction to a mass shooting at an elementary school in Nashville, the three lawmakers went to the podium to speak without being called on by the chair. This is against the rules of the House and usually results in an official reprimand.

Pearson and Jones were kicked out of office by the chamber’s Republican supermajority. Both were back to work within a few days. Rep. Jones gave a speech on the House floor before he was kicked out for a short time. In it, he criticized Republicans for breaking the rules and said that he and his fellow Democrats were being treated differently.

One of your coworkers, who was known to have abused children, sat in this room for years without being kicked out. One member here was found guilty of domestic abuse, but he or she is still here. One of our members is being looked into by the government, but they won’t be kicked out. We had a member urinate in another member’s seat in this room, but he or she wasn’t kicked out. Jones said, “In fact, they are in charge of the governor’s office.”

The news about Campbell’s behavior shows how self-serving the politics are in Tennessee’s Republican-controlled House, where protesting the death of children could get you kicked out of office but claims that sexually harassed workers are easy to hide from the public.

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