TFT Set 8 Release Date, Traits, Champions, Notes And All Things You Need To know

With Set Eight Monsters Attack!, from Riot Games, Teamfight Tactics will switch from dragons to heroes and bad guys, with new Augments and systems that contrast greatly from Set Seven and 7.5 in both appearance and feel.

Set Eight Monsters Attack! will formally debut through Patch 12.23, which is when the TFT plan for 2022 to 2023 will be substantially determined. Through augments and attributes, players will feel and see the auto-battler differently. During Set Eight, Riot will release two brand-new Chibi Champions and three brand-new evil Little Legends. Despite Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer’s protests, Rammus is even part of the Monsters Attack! set.

What Is The TFT Patch Schedule Leading Up To Set 8?

Competitive Dragonlands set tournaments to take place in the weeks prior to the TFT Set Eight launch. The World Championship update is Patch 12.21. Players can unwind with the casual update in Patch 12.23 after the Worlds patch.

TFT Set Eight will also be uploaded to the PBE testing server with Patch 12.23.

TFT Worlds Patch 12.21: Full notes and updates

The Worlds patch, a brief update to Teamfight Tactics, is now available. It contains adjustments that should make the game’s balance better at the Regional Finals and World Championship.

The last competitive update for Set 7.5 in Patch 12.21. The Dragonlands World Championship as well as the remaining Regional Finals and Last Chance Qualifiers will all take place on December 21. After the next Worlds update in two weeks, there will be a fun patch. Riot also released additional Set Eight information today.

Here are all of Riot’s notes for TFT Patch 12.21.

TFT Set 8 Hype

On November 15, Set Eight will formally launch on PBE servers. The new TFT Set has Star Guardians, Chibi Champions, and new Augments that are a part of the game’s primary mechanism, Rammus.

TFT Set 8 Release Date
TFT Set 8 Release Date

TFT Set 8 Patch 12.21 Draconic Augment Changes

To make the powered-up Radiant items consistent with the rest of the meta, several Radiant items were either modestly boosted or nerfed. Additionally, multiple-tiered augments like Built Different and Preparation were modified.

  • Built Different Silver tier: Bonus health increased from 200-350 to 250-400
  • Built Different Gold tier: Bonus health increased from 250-475 to 300-525
  • Built Different Prismatic tier: Bonus health increased from 300-600 to 350-650
  • Cluttered Mind: Units granted reduced from three to two
  • Preparation: Attack damage and ability power reduced from 4/5/8 to 3/4/7
  • Preparation Hyper Roll: Attack damage and ability power reduced from 6/7/10 to 4/6/9
  • Protector of the Cosmos: Shield buffed from 30 to 35
  • Soul Siphon: Returns to Stage 2-1 as a possible option

Radiant item balance changes

  • Radiant Last Whisper: Bonus attack speed increased from 25 to 35 percent
  • Radiant Protector’s Vow: Shield duration was reduced from four to three seconds
  • Radiant Protector’s Vow: Armor and magic resistance was also reduced from 35 to 30
  • Radiant Quicksilver: Bonus attack speed increased from 50 to 60 percent
  • Radiant Redemption: Heal increased from 18 to 22 percent
  • Radiant Runaan’s Hurricane: Bolt damage reduced from 120 to 110 percent
  • Radiant Statikk Shiv: Bonus attack speed increased from 10 to 30 percent
  • Radiant Sunfire Cape: Bonus health reduced from 300 to 200

TFT Set 8 Trait Chnages

The only trait getting adjusted within Patch 12.21 is the Cannoneer trait.

  • Cannoneer: Cannon shot attack damage ratio adjusted from 150/275/450 to 150/300/500 percent

TFT Set 8 Patch 12.21 Champion Changes

The TFT Set 7.5 champions are the main focus of the mainly minor modifications. The most significant adjustments in Patch 12.21 were a buff to Lulu along with Evoker Nomsy and Nunu. Additionally strengthened characters are Xayah and Lux, while Karma received a general nerf.


  • Karma: Inner Flame spell damage nerfed from 210/280/400 to 200/265/380


  • Lux: Cosmic Flare spell first strike damage buffed at two and three-star from 325/400/500 to 325/410/525
  • Lux: Cosmic Flare secondary strike damage also buffed at two and three-star from 175/200/230 to 175/210/240


  • Evoker Nomsy: Lulu Whimsy spell targets increased from two to three
  • Nunu: Spell damage buffed at one and two-star from 350/500/925 to 375/525/925
  • Nunu: Spell damage amplification if the target has less health increased from 40 to 50 percent


  • Xayah: Feather recall attack damage ratio adjusted from 18 to 20/20/30 percent


  • Soraka: Tooltip updated to show the number of stars called down per cast

TFT Set 8 Release Date

Starting on November 15, every player with a PBE account can start testing TFT Set Eight. During the first week of testing, there will be almost daily balance changes, followed by minor and thorough updates during the second week.

On December 7 through Patch 12.23, Set Eight will make its official debut. If another TFT update occurs after the release of Monsters Attack! in 2022 is not known at the time of writing.

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