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MTV’s “The Challenge” has demonstrated time and time again that there is no substitute for a well-executed competition show, and its 37-season run is proof. The show’s fascination lies in its near-infinite sway. It’s not unusual for the show to contain people you’ve already seen on other reality shows, as befitting a spinoff of “Road Rules” and “The Real World,” which itself is a derivative of “The Real World.”

Each season brings a new twist on the show’s namesake challenges, and the candidates don’t know which one they’ll face or how they’ll be paired up or teamed up to take on the challenges.

The result is a competitive and entertaining show that has stood the test of time, to the point where viewers are nostalgic over old-school twists on challenges. Viewers will be disappointed if “Spies, Lies & Allies” doesn’t return shortly. “The Challenge” Season 38’s release date, cast, and location have all been revealed so far.

What is the Release Date of The Challenge Season 38?

MTV has yet to announce a renewal of “The Challenge,” but given the show’s long history and lasting appeal, we wouldn’t be surprised if the network did so soon. But until there’s an official announcement, it’s hard to say when the show will premiere – or even if there will be one.

There are some educated guesses regarding when the 38th season will be released, based on past seasons’ release dates. Hopes are high that this will be the case. Double Agents, “The Challenge” Season 36, ended on April 21, 2021. Season 37’s cast and premiere date were revealed by MTV in July, and the season began broadcasting in August, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Assuming that Season 38 will follow the same production cycle as Season 37, you may expect to hear more about it shortly, and it should launch by the end of 2022 at the earliest. Filming isn’t expected to begin until March, so a later release date is feasible.

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Who’s in the Cast of The Challenge Season 38?

The Challenge Season 38 Cast

There’s one member of the current cast who’s practically guaranteed to be back for Season 38 if the term “cast” can be applied to a reality competition show. One such figure is long-time “The Challenge” presenter TJ Lavin, a legendary BMX rider whose steady demeanor has served to ground the show even in its most ludicrous moments. GQ points out that Lavin’s background in extreme sports and no-nonsense approach to presenting make him a real presence for both viewers and candidates.

As Lavin put it, “People can see straight through a person who’s not using his actual voice.” “Nothing has changed about me. Slang wasn’t changed at all. Nothing in the script that I would say will be said by me.”

Lavin’s true competitors, on the other hand, remain a mystery until the official competitor list is released. There is always a new cast for “The Challenge,” as it is a reality competition show. While you can probably expect to see some famous characters from past shows, you’ll have to wait a while before the cast is officially announced.

But the show itself has lately given a huge tip regarding one of the contestants: “The Challenge” Twitter and Facebook pages updated their cover photos on January 31 to a poster of Nany González, an experienced contestant, and multiple-season finalist. At one point, reigning champion CT Tamburello told Entertainment Weekly that he needed some time off but then teased another match with fellow contestant Johnny Bananas in the future.

Nothing is guaranteed until the complete list of participants is released, but the anticipation is palpable.

What’s the location of The Challenge Season 38?

This is a fantastic question! An important part of “The Challenge’s” fascination is the show’s numerous, always fascinating, and frequently foreign venues. Since its inception, the show has always taken risks with its setting, with Thailand being the only country that has been shown on multiple occasions throughout the last 20 seasons or so.

Season 35 was held in the Czech Republic and Austria, while seasons 36 and 37 were held in Iceland and Croatia, respectively, as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, it’s safe to predict that the show will continue to focus on European characters and settings in Season 38.

After all, “The Challenge” hasn’t been held in the United States since Season 9 and hasn’t stayed on the same continent for too long. Perhaps a return to the family house is in order.

‘The Challenge Season 38’s Theme

For the first time, the show’s creators have taken a break from the show’s usual theme for this season of The Challenge. Ride or Die” episodes 38 and 39 will feature the loved ones of returning Challengers, just like Battle of the Bloodlines.

Every single new contestant has a connection to the older players, including Chauncey Palmer, Jakk Maddox, Sam Bird, James Simon (Aneesa’s friend), and Kenny Clark (Kaycee’s brother), and Tamara Alfaro (Amber B’s girlfriend).

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