A Garbage Truck In Indiana Collides With An Overpass And Explodes In Flames

The driver of a garbage truck is fortunate to still be alive after the truck crashed into an overpass in Indiana and caught fire.

Before 8 a.m. on Monday morning, during rush hour traffic in Indianapolis, Indiana, the blue truck is seen in the dramatic footage traveling along East New York Street.

Before the truck’s top collides with the bridge and explodes into a tremendous fire, it is seen driving toward the concrete overpass.

Republic Trash owned the truck, but the driver’s identity was not made public.

Thankfully, the driver was able to exit the truck once the flames subsided while still breathing.

Truck drivers frequently underestimate vehicle height and crash into the bottom of this overpass, which only has an 11-foot, 8-inch clearance, according to Mark Salcedo Jr., whose family owns the adjacent Superior Towing company, according to FOX 59.

He claimed to Fox 59 that the impact of the incident caused his house to tremble as he was getting ready for work at home. He claimed that it was so strong that it nearly knocked him over.

The fire was put out quickly by the Indianapolis Fire Department and Indianapolis Police Department. The bridge was later closed for examination, but no one was seriously wounded.

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