The Last Kingdom Season 6 Or Movie: What Comes Next?

Is there a chance that the final three books in The Last Kingdom series will be made into a film?

Spectators were alarmed to learn that their favorite show, The Walking Dead, will be terminated after its fifth season due to cancellation.

Fortunately, we now know there will be a follow-up film named Seven Kings Must Die.

‘War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings, and War Lord’ is intended to be a “standalone” epilogue to the Bernard Cornwell trilogy.

This film will lead us in a new direction, but many will ask if there will be a full sixth season and why this wasn’t the original goal for The Last Kingdom.

Nigel Marchant, the show’s executive producer, and Uhtred of Bebbanburg star Alexander Dreymon have disclosed how and why their current strategy came to be.

Why is The Last Kingdom Ending with Season 5?

This season-five finale of The Last Kingdom is a direct result of the show’s long-term narrative goal when it initially began production.

Author Bernard Cornwell was busy working on the 10th The Last Kingdom book during filming for the television adaptation of The Last Kingdom.

Since the show’s creators always intended for it to stop after its fifth season, Dreymon explains that it was never canceled as some fans feared.

There were certain inaccuracies in the press release, according to him. “It wasn’t a surprise to anyone because we had always planned to have only five seasons. At the outset, there were just ten novels, and that was the storyline we had in mind… I’m satisfied with the outcome.”

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A “shared decision” between production company Carnival and distributor Netflix, according to executive producer Marchant, was the final decision point.

You “always want to keep on top and improving season after season, and 10 hours is… it’s a lot of stories you tell within that,” he said in July 2021, referring to the length of the show.

“It’s never easy to think of new methods to approach a conflict. How can we ensure that the conflicts are conveyed in a way that evokes strong emotions rather than simply showing a large number of people fighting for no apparent reason? You can go on for how long without a climax, but how long can you carry on like that?”

Marchant chimed in: “We wanted to wrap things up in a way that everyone would be happy with, and I think we’ve done that. We also wanted to make sure that the over 50 episodes we produced had a clear beginning, middle, and end. In my opinion, it’s better if you curate it rather than simply let it end and not finish the story.”

Will There Ever be The Last Kingdom Season 6?

Seven Kings Must Die, a sequel film to The Last Kingdom, was announced by Carnival a few months after the news came that season 5 would be the last.

It was always planned that season 5 of The Last Kingdom would be the final one when production began on the programme, according to Dreymon during a panel organized, writer David Craig at MCM London Comic-Con.

“However, we’ve been discussing a possible extension for some time now… since it didn’t feel like the conclusion was near. As a result, we’ve decided, along with Netflix, to produce a movie version’ of the show, which we’ll begin filming next year [2022].”

At the time of this writing, filming for Seven Kings Must Die is about halfway done in Hungary, with several of the show’s stars returning to reprise their roles.

Marchant has described this special as more of an epilogue than the beginning of a new period for The Last Kingdom, so fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for a full 10-episode season 6 of the show.

‘Season 5’ “feels like a conclusion to the TV series, and the movie will be a lot more standalone,” he stated. There’s no need to be a fan to enjoy it, but if you haven’t seen the TV series, you can still enjoy it. “

 The Last Kingdom Movie Updates & Story Details

Rather than a sixth season of The Last Kingdom, Netflix has opted to adapt Cornwell’s remaining books in the movie format. The Last Kingdom’s Twitter account stated on January 31 that filming for Seven Kings Must Die had begun. The running time of the film is projected to be around two hours.

A summary for Seven Kings Must Die has not yet been released, although it is based on the final three novels in the Saxon Stories series: War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings, and Warlord. It has been announced that Alexander Dreymon will reprise his role as Uhtred, but casting details are still under wraps. While Netflix hasn’t announced a release date, the film is expected to debut in the first half of 2023.

“Season 5 does seem like the end of the TV series, and the movie will be much more autonomous,” executive producer Nigel Marchant said in an interview with Radio Times. It’ll be a special treat for fans of the program, but you don’t have to be a fan to enjoy it. Netflix’s feature-length cinematic conclusion to The Last Kingdom should provide a satisfactory conclusion to Uhtred’s journey.

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