The Mother Of An 11-Year-Old Was Shot And Killed By Sibling

In the wake of the tragedy, the mother of 11-year-old Shemarion Burse, who Miami-Dade police claim was accidentally killed by an older sister Thursday, spoke to Local 10 News on Friday.

At the family’s residence off Ives Dairy Road in northeast Miami-Dade, Shemarion’s 13-year-old sibling shot the victim. The gun belonged to his mother, according to the police, and was taken from a case in the master bedroom closet.

Shemarion Callaway’s mother is Tiffany Callaway. The divorced mother of six is still in disbelief.

Callaway remarked, “I didn’t expect this to happen. “No,” I said.

According to authorities, there won’t likely be any charges brought in the incident.

Callaway claimed that she forbade her kids from ever touching a gun.

“The weapon was locked up. I always warn my children about the dangers of handling firearms and to avoid doing so altogether, according to Callaway. “I always handle my weapon with care. He could not reach out and touch it.

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Corrections officer Callaway of Miami-Dade stated her coworkers have been encouraging.

They’ve been helpful, she remarked. “I work a lot. I have to care for them, so I work 16 hours a day. I go above and above for those youngsters.

While Callaway was at work, the unit included five kids between the ages of nine and fifteen, according to police. Callaway claimed that although her son, age 21, had been monitoring them, he had left to move his car.

They weren’t by themselves, she said. “There was a 21-year-old there,”

Now all Callaway has are memories of her kid.

Callaway remarked, “I’m looking at the images, what a wonderful boy.” “That grin.”

Shemarion, her “little angel,” allegedly inquired about her well-being on a regular basis.

Callaway remarked, “He loved to joke and loved to play. “Whenever I would leave work, he would ask if I needed anything. He would always say that to me.

Callaway established a GoFundMe page to assist with costs.

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