The Same Family Lost 4 Members In The Alabama Tornado

Officials said on Saturday that four of the nine people killed by the tornado that ripped across Alabama earlier this week belonged to the same family.

The Autauga County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) stated in a news release that the four victims were connected and resided at two residences on the same road in Prattville, Alabama.

Victims The 800 block of Sandy Ridge Road was home to Robert Gardner Jr., 70, and Deanna Marie Corbin, 59, while the 1000 block was home to Christopher Allen Corbin Jr., 46, and Tessa Celeste Desmet, 21. The four’s relationship was left unclear by the sheriff’s office.

Authorities reportedly reported the passing of three other residents of the neighbourhood, who were in their 50s and 60s.

In their news release, ASCO stated, “It is with a heavy heart that we also have to disclose that the tornado caused seven (7) deaths in Autauga County.” Please offer prayers for the people suffering from tornado-related injuries as well as the families who lost loved ones.

The nine confirmed deaths across the state come after a string of severe storms raced through the Southeast of the United States on Thursday, demolishing houses, businesses, and knocking out electricity in the area. The seven fatalities in Autauga County were among those.

The La Nina weather trend, warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, and a long-term rise in tornado activity in the east of the country, according to meteorologists, all likely played a role in the huge storm so early in the year.

In the wake of the hurricane, Republican Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey proclaimed a state of emergency in six counties, including Autauga.

Ivey posted on Twitter on Thursday, saying, “I — along with my partners at the Alabama EMA — will continue watching to determine if an expanded state of emergency is necessary.” “I’m prepared to lend our local officials a hand. Keep being cautious and be careful out there.

On Sunday, President Biden also authorized the declaration of an emergency in Alabama.

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