The Wheel of Time Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Six months before the episode premiered in November 2021, Amazon Prime stated that the show would be renewed for a further season.

In other words, the second season of The Wheel of Time is a certainty. Filming has already begun.

Vernon Sanders, Amazon Studios’ Head of Global TV, spoke to TVLine just before the first finale aired on the reasons for the early decision to move through with a second run:

“Our confidence in the show’s long-term viability was bolstered as we saw the quality of the episodes and spoke with showrunner Rafe [Judkins] about future seasons.

“We spent a lot of time making sure we were making the correct decision with these huge investments, but it’s been paying off for us ever since. Rosamund [Pike as Moiraine], Rafe, and the rest of the ensemble are all to be commended for their work.

To show how much their efforts have paid off, in 2021, The Wheel of Time was the most watched original series on Amazon Prime Video. This bodes well for the second season, which will continue to draw inspiration from the original book series by author Robert Jordan.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Plot

Vernon Sanders had a very encouraging reaction to TVLine’s question regarding season two and whether it will “go even greater” than the previous season.

Rosamund has also been an excellent leader, smart, courteous, and very committed to trying to do this the right way,” he said. In other words, we entered season 2 thinking, “What can we do better now that we have introduced this vast world and created these characters?” Because of this, I am confident that season 2 of “Wheel of Time” will be even more expansive and audacious than the first.

To keep up with all of the material in the original series, this program must get bigger, bolder, and more expansive in the future.

In the first season, the first book, The Eye of the World, is covered, and you can buy the second, The Great Hunt, here, as well as the complete boxset, or just the first three novels in the series.

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At least showrunner Rafe Judkins appears to be up to the task, as he told Deadline that he expects the program to last eight seasons, saying: “I always have to approach it as if we’re going to get the whole story that’s in the books. I think we would be setting ourselves up for failure by not doing so. These books have such great endings if we don’t do that.

The only way we’ll be able to make it there is if I set us up to do so. Ultimately, it’s out of my hands. This is a world I’d want to keep expanding if people watch it and Amazon wants to keep doing more.”

The romance between Lan and Nynaeve is expected to deepen in the second season.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Cast

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Cast

The majority of season 1’s cast is expected to return, with the significant exception of one person:

  • Rosamund Pike as Moiraine Damodred
  • Daniel Henney as Lan Mandragoran
  • Josha Stradowski as Rand al’Thor
  • Zoë Robins as Nynaeve al’Meara
  • Madeleine Madden as Egwene al’Vere
  • Marcus Rutherford as Perrin Aybara
  • Dónal Finn as Mat Cauthon
  • Fares Fares as The Dark One
  • Johann Myers as Padan Fain

Mat Cauthon is the most talked-about character addition for the upcoming season. Dónal Finn, well known for his roles in The Witcher and Cursed, will replace Barney Harris as Mat in season 2.

We announced in September 2021 that Harris had left the cast. Showrunner Rafe Judkins declined to comment on the matter (per Deadline(opens in new tab)) and no reason was given for his resignation.

The other key characters from The Wheel of Time are also expected to return, even if Mat has been replaced. The Dark One, played by Fares Fares (Westworld, Chornobyl) in the season 1 finale, is included.

As for who else might show up, it’s impossible to say for sure. Season 2 is expected to bring back characters such as Sophie Okenedo’s Siuan Sanche, Kate Fleetwood’s Liandrin, and Kae Alexander’s Min Forshaw. Jordan’s writings were used as inspiration for the first season’s plot. While this was going on, Judkins took some creative license, and as a result, the storyline diverged significantly from the novel’s original intent.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Release Date

Amazon hasn’t stated when the second season of The Wheel of Time will air.

Considering that filming has been ongoing since July 2021, new episodes should be available sometime in the spring/summer of 2022. However, Amazon is preparing for a major release later this year, which could affect the release schedule of The Wheel of Time season two.

We’ve learned a few things about what’s going to happen next in the on-screen plot of The Wheel of Time.

The second season will follow the same format as the first. Season two’s premiere episode will be titled ‘A Taste of Solitude,’ according to the show’s official Twitter page.

An image of the screenplay with the caption “With this many Ta’veren in one area, one season was never going to be enough” served as the revelation. We can’t get enough! Let us know more.

Sanders responded to a question about whether or not Amazon plans to run season two alongside the highly anticipated prequel series to The Lord of the Rings, which will premiere on September 2, 2022:

“We’re going to put a lot of attention into how these episodes are released. In our minds, they’re two very different shows, but we’re aware of our genre fans and thrilled by our current lineup, which includes these two shows as well as The Expanse and The Boys, Carnival Row’s return, and a fantastic show with [Westworld creators] Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy called The Peripheral… We have a lot of hope for the future.”

It’s not out of the question that The Wheel of Time returns after the conclusion of The Lord of the Rings, so be prepared for that.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 production began before the previous season had even finished showing on Amazon Prime Video, so fresh material should be available soon.

To be sure, we’ll feature this trailer as soon as it’s available online, so don’t hold your breath.

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