Train Smashes Patrol Car With 20-year-old Woman Handcuffed Inside

On Monday, a prosecutor in Colorado revealed that two officers would be facing charges related to a September incident in which a patrol car carrying a restrained lady was slammed by a train.

After the incident that left a 20-year-old woman seriously injured, the Weld County District Attorney’s Office announced that Officer Jordan Steinke of the Fort Lupton Police Department faces two felony charges and Officer Pablo Vazquez of the Platteville Police Department faces multiple misdemeanor charges.

Train smashes patrol car with 20-year-old woman handcuffed inside, charging two Colorado officers
Train smashes patrol car with 20-year-old woman handcuffed inside, charging two Colorado officers

On September 16, 2018, 40 miles north of Denver, Yareni Rios-Gonzalez, 20, was pulled over by Vazquez in connection with an alleged earlier road rage incident with a pistol near Platteville, Colorado.

According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Rios-Gonzalez came to a halt in her vehicle just outside a set of railroad tracks, and Vazquez parked his patrol car behind her on the tracks.

Steinke, along with another Fort Lupton police officer, arrived to assist with the search of Rios-car. Gonzalez’s Steinke placed Rios-Gonzalez in handcuffs and led her to Vazquez’s idling patrol cruiser.

And then a train arrived.

The terrifying incident was recorded by body cameras worn by police officers. Rios-car Gonzalez’s was being examined by police as the sound of an approaching train could be heard in the background. Before it can crash into the cruiser, the police realize something is wrong. CBI claims that Rios-Gonzalez was critically injured but managed to pull through.

Accident was looked into by CBI and other agencies.

In addition to the misdemeanor reckless endangerment allegation, the Weld County District Attorney’s Office filed felony counts of attempted manslaughter and second degree assault against Steinke.

The district attorney’s office reported that Vazquez will be facing five misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment, one count of careless driving, one offense of obstructing a passageway, and one count of parking where forbidden.

On Monday, the office of the district attorney revealed that Rios-Gonzalez would be charged with the felony of menacing. The district attorney’s office stated that woman had been arrested on suspicion of pointing a handgun at another person.

The district attorney’s office stated that summonses were given to the cops and that Rios-Gonzalez was not arrested.

On Tuesday, it was unclear if either police officer had hired an attorney.

USA TODAY contacted both the Fort Lupton and Platteville police departments on Tuesday but did not immediately hear back about whether or not Steinke and Vazquez were still employed there.


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