Trump Tweets Conspiracy Theories and False Election Claims Amid Mar-a-lago Document Probe

The past day has been like a glimpse into the year 2020, with former president Donald Trump using his Truth Social platform to spread bogus allegations that the presidential election was stolen, as well as a slew of conspiracy theories and a made-up comment attributed to his daughter.

Since Tuesday morning, Trump has “re-Truthered” (his platform’s equivalent to retweeting) more than five-hundred postings, many of which were theories, comments, and memes from QAnon and 4chan.


Trump Tweets Conspiracy Theories and False Election Claims Amid Mar-a-lago Document Probe.
Trump Tweets Conspiracy Theories and False Election Claims Amid Mar-a-lago Document Probe.

In response to QAnon’s violent threats, social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter have blocked the group’s accounts. Trump’s social media accounts were deactivated after the siege of the Capitol on January 6. So he and a group of financiers created Truth Social, a social networking site with a laxer stance on content.

Having that support has helped Truth Social expand. According to a story from Axios published on Tuesday, Google has banned the app Truth Social from its app store due to security concerns regarding posts that include threats of violence.

Some of the posts Trump “re-Truthed” suggested that Joe Biden and the Democrats were plotting to destroy the United States. The words “Your adversary… is not… in Russia” were superimposed over the faces of Vice President Kamala Harris, Vice President Joe Biden, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in one meme.

Truth Social has confirmed 47 QAnon-supporting accounts, all of which have more than 10,000 followers, according to a report by the media monitoring group NewsGuard this month. They found 88 individuals, both real and fake, who had over 10,000 followers. Thirty-three percent of them were accounts that Twitter had already suspended. Before his recent rampage, NewsGuard found that Trump had re-Tweeted QAnon-promoting accounts 65 times to his 3.8 million followers.

According to the QAnon hypothesis, President Trump and the mysterious figure known as “Q” are engaged in a war against the “deep state” and a network of child sex traffickers. There is evidence linking QAnon supporters to acts of political violence, such as the January 6 Capitol siege.

On Monday, Trump demanded a “fresh election, immediately” or his own reinstatement as president. Trump insists the 2020 presidential election was fixed against him, despite Barr’s findings that widespread fraud was not the case. An assessment of the Arizona results failed to establish that Trump would have won that state, and his supporters lost more than 60 lawsuits challenging the results.

While everything is going on, the Justice Department is preparing to file a brief on Tuesday detailing their investigation into the presidential material taken from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago earlier this month. The Trump legal team has requested that a “special master” be appointed to review the sealed boxes, and federal prosecutors have responded. 11 sets of confidential documents, including some labeled “top secret,” were among the items listed on an FBI inventory of the property’s loot.