Ukraine War: Biden Sees’real Challenges’ For Russia Following Kherson Withdrawal Order

President Joe Biden of the United States has claimed that Russia’s decision to pull out of the Ukrainian city of Kherson demonstrates that the Russian military has “some significant challenges.”

The move, which Mr. Biden said he had been anticipating for “some time,” would give both parties time to “recalibrate their stances” during the winter.

Ukraine War: Biden Sees'real Challenges' For Russia Following Kherson Withdrawal Order
Ukraine War: Biden Sees’real Challenges’ For Russia Following Kherson Withdrawal Order

Only the city of Kherson in Ukraine was taken by Russian troops.

Ukraine is skeptical about the disengagement and has promised to proceed “extremely cautiously.”

General Sergei Surovikin, Russia’s newly appointed commander in Ukraine, announced the pullout on Wednesday, accompanied by the military’s highest ranking officers, on Russian state television. He announced the complete withdrawal of Russian forces from the western side of the Dnieper River.

It’s a big setback for Russia’s military aspirations just as Ukraine launches a counteroffensive.

After the midterm elections, Mr. Biden gave a speech from the White House, lamenting the probable loss of Democratic control of the House of Representatives to the opposition Republican Party.

Political opponents of the president have already pledged to evaluate US military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, and Vice President Biden found it “interesting” that Moscow “waited until after the election” to announce the departure.

The “bipartisan method of opposing Russia’s aggression in Ukraine,” he added, was something he hoped would continue.

It has already been established that President Putin will not be present at the G20 summit next week in Indonesia. Sergei Lavrov, his foreign minister, will attend in his place.

Officials have not ruled out the possibility of Mr. Putin participating remotely in one of the sessions.

Ukraine reacted warily to the plan to withdraw across the Dnieper.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Kyiv will proceed “extremely cautiously” in light of the news.

He assured Ukrainians in his evening speech, “The adversary does not offer us presents, does not make ‘goodwill gestures,’ we win it all.”

Locals in Kherson stated they saw Russian Chechen soldiers in cafés and on the streets after Russia’s statement.

Additionally, Ukrainian troops stationed on the city’s outskirts reported that their opponents were likely being careful in an effort to lure them into a trap.


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