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US 90 Crash Kills Houma Youngster: DWI Driver Accused

US 90 Crash Kills Houma Youngster DWI Driver Accused

US 90 Crash Kills Houma Youngster DWI Driver Accused

US 90 Crash Kills Houma Youngster: DWI Driver Accused: A pickup truck and an SUV collided on an elevated section of U.S. 90 near Amelia on Thursday, killing a 19-year-old Houma man who was traveling in the SUV, according to State Police. The SUV then flew off the road and crashed onto the pickup’s roof on the ground below.

According to a news release from Troop C, police detained the driver of the SUV, who was gravely hurt, on suspicion of vehicular murder, driving under the influence, careless operation, and driving without a license.

Lewis Adonal Aguilar passed away at the scene of the collision, which happened at around 3 p.m. on U.S. 90’s westbound lanes, according to authorities.

According to Troop C, Juan Ramos, 50, of Houma, was traveling quickly in the right lane of a 2008 Lincoln Navigator in the direction of the east. Along with Ramos, a 2022 RAM 2500 pickup pulling a trailer was also moving in front of him.

As he got closer to the back of the truck and trailer, Ramos didn’t slow down, veered to the left to avoid a collision, overcorrected, and spun the Lincoln, according to the police.

According to Troop C, “The Lincoln sideswiped the RAM truck, impacted the elevated roadside barrier, drove over the edge of the elevated highway, and then came to rest on its roof on the lower level.”

Ramos was transferred to a hospital in the New Orleans region for treatment after suffering serious injuries, according to the State Police. Ramos was apprehended by troopers when they discovered he was intoxicated at the hospital.

Ramos’ toxicological sample was taken and sent for examination, according to the police. The RAM’s driver was found to be sober after willingly giving a breath sample that revealed no alcohol had been consumed.

The accident is still being looked into.

According to Troop C, drunk drivers are to blame for over half of the fatal collisions in Louisiana. The visual capacity, fine motor skills, and reaction times of a driver are all impacted by alcohol and other drugs. Before using alcohol or drugs, drivers should have a plan for a secure ride home.

50 people have died in 50 deadly crashes that Troop C has looked into in 2022.

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