Uvalde School District Dismisses Officer After She Is Exposed As Trooper Under Investigation

After CNN named the recently recruited school officer as one of the officers under investigation for her behavior during the Uvalde school tragedy in May, the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District dismissed her on Thursday.

In the May shooting at Robb Elementary, state trooper Crimson Elizondo arrived at the scene within two minutes of the first shots being fired.

Uvalde School District Dismisses Officer After She Is Exposed As Trooper Under Investigation
Uvalde School District Dismisses Officer After She Is Exposed As Trooper Under Investigation

The body camera film from another law enforcement officer shows her in her Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) uniform, with her weapon drawn, outside the Uvalde school building, and then briefly in the corridor.

Body cam video shows her afterwards discussing the incident with other police, including one who asks whether she brought any kids to school that day.

If her kid had been indoors, she would not have been outdoors. You have my word on it.

Out of the 376 law enforcement personnel that responded to the school, Elizondo was one of the 91 DPS officers who arrived first. The shooter was left there for 77 minutes with dead, dying, and traumatized victims. The aftermath of the assault, which claimed the lives of 19 students and 2 educators, has been widely criticized as a “abject failure.”

The head of the school police force was terminated, and seven DPS officers are now under investigation for their actions or inactions. Exclusively reported by CNN, Elizondo is one of the police personnel under scrutiny. CNN’s reporting was corroborated by an investigative insider.

She has left her position at DPS. She was recruited during the summer to be a school resource officer for the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, where she will be responsible for protecting some of the students who were present at Robb Elementary and were not hurt.

Elizondo refused to talk to CNN either over the phone or in person.

In light of this CNN revelation, the school system has released a statement saying that she will be fired as of this coming Thursday.

“We are profoundly saddened by the information that was published last evening involving one of our newly recruited workers, Crimson Elizondo,” the district stated in a statement. It is with deep regret that we share the anguish that this news has inflicted with the relatives of the victims and the whole community of Uvalde. The comments made by Ms. Elizondo in the recording do not reflect the standards of the District.

“We continue to make employment decisions for the remaining UCISD Police Department employees based on credible facts. On May 24, 2022, an independent inquiry was launched to assess the performance of the present officials. To further enhance the safety and security of our schools, UCISD is awaiting the outcomes of a management and organizational assessment of the UCISD Police Department, according to the statement.

Documents acquired by CNN via a public records request show that on July 28 the Uvalde School District Police were notified that Elizondo was being investigated by the Office of Inspector General for conduct “inconsistent with training and department regulations.”

The letter does not specify what acts are being probed.


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