Vegas Police Investigating After Dog Found Shot Multiple Times With Fractured Skull

Vegas Police Investigating After Dog Found Shot Multiple Times With Fractured Skull: On the outskirts of Las Vegas, a dog that had been abandoned was discovered shot many times, and suffering from a fractured skull.

The Animal Foundation wrote on Facebook this week, “Max was shot numerous times and found lying on the side of the road on the far east side of Las Vegas.”

The dog, Max, was described as a “lovely and affectionate boy” who was in “miserable” distress when he was discovered on December 28 by the foundation, which also shared images of Max, who they believe to be 2 years old.

The gang said that Max suffered from a cracked skull and that numerous bullet fragments were retrieved from his head, back, and shoulder.

The Animal Foundation posted, “Max was shot.” “Our veterinary team feels the gunshot wounds are older due to the extent of infection present,” even though they are unsure of how long the man has been living alone.

The veterinarians on the team were able to take out the gunshot fragments, clean the wounds, and give the animals antibiotics and painkillers.

Despite the trauma he experienced, the Max Foundation reports that he has been trusting with every member of the team who comes within reach. A few days later, a Facebook post stated that the 2-year-old dog is making a good recovery.

According to the foundation, it uploaded images to demonstrate the life-saving treatment that is provided to animals like Max with every dollar donated to the organization.

The organization stated that “your donations help us preserve the most vulnerable animals in our care.” “Thanks to you, Max has a fighting chance today.”

According to Fox News Digital, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department is handling the investigation, according to Clark County Animal Protection Services. Fox News Digital contacted the department for comment, but they didn’t respond right away.

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