Vikings Season 7 Cancelled But Continue In Spinoff Series Valhalla

The Vikings season 6 finale marked the conclusion of the Ragnar Lothbrok and his son’s tale on the History Channel, but the story is far from over. Vikings: Valhalla, the anticipated sequel/spinoff to the first show, will start up more than 100 years after the events of the original show. Fans may look forward to a return to Kattegat.

After a few decades, Vikings were loosely based on the mythology of the Norse and Icelandic peoples. It began with Ragnar Lothbrok, but once he was murdered in season 4, the focus turned to Ragnar’s sons. During the sixth season of Vikings, Ragnar’s first-born son Bjorn Ironside ran for the throne of Norway alongside his brothers Hvitserk and Ivar. Second oldest son Ubbe led a group of settlers across the ocean in pursuit of a legendary “Golden Land”—known now as North America—instead of Ragnar.

Vikings Season 7 Plot

Vikings Season 7 Plot
Vikings Season 7 Plot

Valhalla will focus on the years leading up to the conclusion of the Viking era in England, whereas Vikings focused on the beginning. There was a lot of creative licence taken with actual dates and events in Vikings, and it looks like Vikings: Valhalla will follow suit.

When Ruler Edward died in 1066, his death will be shown in the series, along with that of Erik the Red and his son Leif, who both died about 1003. The series will also feature William the Conqueror, a Norman king who was born around 1028. Valhalla appears to be set in 11th-century Scandinavia and England, but don’t expect it to be historically accurate in every aspect.

In spite of the fact that the Vikings characters will be long gone by the time Valhalla begins, the sequel series will shed light on their lingering effects. Rollo, Ragnar’s brother, was the first ruler of Normandy, and Rollo’s great-great-great-grandson, William the Conqueror, was a descendant of Rollo.

It is widely accepted that Ubbe arrived in North America first, however in Vikings: Valhalla, Erik the Red can learn that Ubbe arrived before him – and learn what happened to Ubbe’s tiny settlement.

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Vikings Season 7 Cast

Vikings Season 7 Cast
Vikings Season 7 Cast

In spite of the fact that the series doesn’t follow up on the last season of Vikings, the cast is full of familiar faces. The show’s primary and supporting characters are featured in the following section.

  • Leif Erikson is played by Sam Corlett.
  • Freyds Eirksdóttir’s lead character is played by Frida Gustavsson.
  • Harald Sigurdsson Bradley, played by Leo Suter.
  • Freegard portrays King Canute.
  • Olaf Haraldsson is played by Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson.
  • Carrie Henderson portrays Jarl Haakon in the film.
  • Laurence Fishburne as Emma of Normandy, played by Laura Berlin.
  • David Oakes as Godwin in this scene.

In the Valhalla series, there are numerous supporting and recurring characters. Some of these characters include Liv, Njal, Skarde, Ulf, Yrsa, Toke, Jarl Noro, Jarl Kre, Harald Harefoot, Arne Gormsson, Johan, Tomas, and many others in season 1 and later episodes.

Vikings Season 7 Release Date

A spinoff series dubbed Vikings: Valhalla has been taken up by Netflix and is being developed by Hirst and MGM Television. The news broke in November of this year. Screenwriter Jeb Stuart, best known for his work on the film Die Hard, worked closely with Hirst on the series’ conceptualization, scripting, and executive production. When Erik the Red and Harald Hardrada died a hundred years apart, Vikings: Valhalla is set to tell their stories in their own right.

The first season of Netflix’s The Last Kingdom, a historical drama about the rise to power of Alfred the Great, has covered some of the same ground as Vikings in terms of storylines and characters.. Vikings: Valhalla may have been influenced by Netflix’s decision to pick up The Last Kingdom season 5, which is planned to release in late 2021. Season 5 of The Last Kingdom will release on Netflix at the end of 2021.

Vikings Season 7 Trailer

The Vikings season presently has an 8.5 rating out of 10 on IMDB, which is an incredible number for any program to maintain for a long period of time, but the show has been canceled for season 7 and it will not be returning.

You can also view the trailer for Vikings: Part 2 below.

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