Watch Final Video Of Buffalo Woman Found Dead In Her Car After Being Snow-Trapped

According to her family, a 22-year-old woman was found dead over the holiday weekend in Buffalo after being stranded in her car due to the blizzard that was paralyzing western New York.

Anndel Taylor, a Charlotte, North Carolina native who relocated to Buffalo, New York, was stuck in traffic on her way home from a senior center job and was only six minutes away from her home by car, according to her Charlotte-based relatives who panicked when they lost contact with her.

One of Taylor’s older sisters, Tomeshia Brown, told CNN that at around 3 p.m. on Friday, Taylor sent a video to a group chat with her sisters. Taylor captured the snowfall and total whiteout in the video. According to Brown, she informed her sisters in North Carolina that she was stranded and that more snow was falling.

Taylor dialed 911 and waited for emergency personnel, according to Brown and Wanda Brown Steele, Taylor’s mother, who spoke to CNN.

She intended to wait until the police arrived, but according to her sister, if that didn’t work, she intended to “get up and walk once her car ran out of gas.” She added that if help did not show up, she would try to walk home once she woke up after going to sleep.

As the day wore on, her family claimed that they continued to communicate with Taylor. According to Brown, at one point Taylor privately texted one of her other sisters to express her growing anxiety.

Taylor would post her final video message to the group chat early on Christmas Eve. In the video, Taylor pries open her car’s driver-side window to show a road that the snow has turned into a desolate wasteland. The hazard lights of a van down the road, which appears to be stuck, are flashing. When Taylor got out of her car, she thought the snow would probably be up to her waist, she wrote in the group chat.

Her family in North Carolina called and left her a number of messages later that morning, about 9 a.m. on Christmas Eve. We sent her a group text asking, “Are you OK?” Black stated. Taylor’s lack of response frightened the family.

“My sister tracked her phone maybe two hours later,” Brown added. “She [Taylor] must have told my sister where she was,” said Taylor. And it demonstrated that she remained outside.

Taylor’s Buffalo-based relatives were informed of the address by the family, but when they went there, they claimed to have seen Brown’s car but not her inside.

Brown stated, “So I posted the information on a personal Facebook page called Buffalo Blizzard 2022 and appealed for assistance. Later that evening, after posting the location of the monitored phone, she received a call from an unidentified male. Brown stated, “He let us know he checked her pulse and there was no pulse.”

She admitted, “I truly didn’t believe it. “I had never had such a sharp agony in my gut,” the person said.

Brown Steele, Taylor’s mother, told CNN that she was “shocked.”

Taylor’s body was not taken from the car until the next day, according to Brown, who learned about the location of the car and Taylor’s body from a woman who messaged him on Facebook.

She promised the Charlotte family that she wouldn’t go until someone picked her up.

Emergency responders were unable to get to the car, so the woman waited until Taylor’s Buffalo-based family members showed up. According to Brown, they all assisted in getting Taylor’s body into a different car so that she could be transferred to the hospital.

The Charlotte family received a response from officials on Monday night after leaving numerous voicemails during the holiday weekend. According to Brown, they were contacted to let them know that they were prepared to go rescue Taylor. They were notified by the Brown family that Taylor’s body had been taken to the previous day to the hospital.

Brown Steele said to CNN, “I want to find out why the city was unable to assist.

Following a significant snowfall that covered the city on Monday, December 26, 2022, traffic moves along Main St. in Buffalo.

On “CNN This Morning” on Monday, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz revealed to CNN’s Poppy Harlow that two-thirds of the equipment sent out to help clear snow during the height of the storm became stranded.

According to Poloncarz’s addition, this is the first occasion in the history of the Buffalo Fire Department’s staff being unable to respond to emergency calls due to the severity of the circumstances.

Officials from Erie County announced on Tuesday that the county has restarted its emergency response service, but they continued to implore locals to follow Buffalo’s travel prohibition and stay off the roads.

For further information, CNN has been in touch with the Buffalo Police Department.

According to Brown, Taylor’s family in Charlotte still doesn’t know the precise cause of Taylor’s passing as of Tuesday night.

Taylor’s sister called her “a compassionate and caring person. She hustled a lot and cared deeply about many people, according to her sister.

Her mother remarked, “If she could help, she would help you.” She had a large network of acquaintances in Charlotte, and many people genuinely cared for her.

Vi Lyles, the mayor of Charlotte, issued a statement expressing her sincere sympathies to Taylor’s loved ones.

“Words cannot begin to explain the sadness and pain her loved ones feel during this terrible time,” Lyles’ statement reads. “Anndel was taken from this world far too soon.” “This was a terrible storm that caused the great tragedy, and our community here in Charlotte mourns alongside her family,” the statement continued.

To pay for her funeral, her family started a GoFundMe page.

According to Brown, Taylor would have turned 23 next month.

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