What Does Pushing P Mean on TikTok: What Is The Meaning Of Slang Made Famous On Internet By Gunna And Future?

What Does Pushing P Mean on TikTok: TikTok has surpassed all other social media platforms in terms of the rate at which it introduces novel words and phrases into common usage. The term “Pushing P” signifies, as it has recently appeared on the site?

What Does Pushing P Mean on TikTok

Rapper Gunna of Atlanta has a new single out called “Pushin P,” featuring Young Thug and Future. Its publication resulted in an immediate explosion of interest in the song, and it is currently making its way across TikTok and other social media. Although the song’s popularity has grown, many listeners still don’t understand what the title refers to.

The term “pushing P” is not widely known outside of the South, where it has been in use for quite some time. However, the phrase has little to no meaning in other parts of the United States.

After an interview on The Breakfast Club in which Gunna falsely claimed that the letter “P” stands for “player,” the rapper has thankfully clarified the meaning of the phrase for his followers on Twitter.

Although the term “pushing P” has a formal definition, it often refers to an admirable trait of “keeping it genuine.”

“Being Loyal Is absolutely P,” he wrote.

It’s not cool to “jump in a person beef or scenario when you don’t know what’s going on,” he said. Having defined the term on Twitter, Gunna then went on Instagram Live to give further examples of what was and was not “P.”

The main b—-h of your partner is not P, he said.

If there’s a lady at the door, you hold it for her, bro; that’s P. Okay, so we’re really putting the pedal to the metal on P, do you feel I don’t have the kind of toughness that would make my spouse and I go back and forth over a lack of funds? Nope, not P.

While most Gunna speakers reserve “p” for the player, some also use it to mean “paper.”

The Song “Pushing P” Has Become An Internet Sensation Thanks To TikTok

The song and its central lyric have gone extraordinarily viral on TikTok, even as Gunna has been clarifying exactly what his song is referring to.

Due to the intrinsic virality of the term, videos including the hashtag have amassed millions of views. Gunna has joined in the hilarity by providing his own feedback on how exactly several viral videos utilized the term.

What Does Pushing P Mean on TikTokSource: Bustle

With the help of social media, phrases like “Pushing P” have quickly entered the vernacular. Although many catchphrases heard today got their start on TikTok, this one wasn’t created there. Instead, “pushing P” has quickly spread from a regional term to a term that everyone at least knows about on social media.

How To Properly Use The Letter “P” And The Phrase “Pushing P”

You’ve learned the history of the letter P and how to spell it, but can you actually utilize it correctly? The meaning of P and the phrase “pushing P” can be applied in many different contexts.

The most typical version uses the verb form of “pushing P,” which is taken directly from Gunna’s song. On the other hand, “P” can also serve as an adjective with a similar meaning. Such phrases like “That’s P” and “That’s not P” are examples.

Furthermore, Complex reports that during one of Gunna’s live streams, the rapper suggested another application of the letter P: kicking P. Gunna uses the contrast between renting and owning a home to illustrate what the statement seems to mean: a futile attempt to push P. This second option? Of course, you already knew that. Does the letter P.

You can now be on your Ps and Qs on all things pushing P, from its linguistic roots to its memetic rise to fame.

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