What We Do Know About The Attack On Paul Pelosi

Since Nancy Pelosi’s husband was assaulted in their San Francisco home, more revelations have emerged.

“This wasn’t random brutality. This wasn’t a random housebreaking. This was targeted, DA Brooke Jenkins said Tuesday.

What We Do Know About The Attack On Paul Pelosi
What We Do Know About The Attack On Paul Pelosi

David DePape will return to court on Friday for a preliminary hearing and a bail hearing. He faces state and federal counts in the assault. What we know:

Courting DePape
DePape, 42, pleaded not guilty to all state counts Tuesday.

At his arraignment in San Francisco, he waived his 10-day hearing privilege. Judge Diane Northway ordered a preliminary hearing and bail hearing on November 4 in San Francisco Superior Court.

Following last week’s break-in, DePape was charged with assault, attempted murder, and attempted abduction.

Tried abduction carries a maximum 20-year sentence. He hasn’t pleaded guilty yet.

Adam Lipson, DePape’s attorney, said outside the courtroom, “There’s been a lot of supposition, a lot of gossip.” I won’t contribute to the conjecture by discussing the case now.

“There’s been a lot of conjecture about Mr. DePape’s sensitivity to disinformation, and that’s something we’ll look into,” Lipson said.

‘Suicide mission’
DePape told cops and medics he was sick of Washington’s “degree of lying” and “came to talk to [Pelosi’s] wife,” according to a court document.

“I didn’t want to harm him, but this was suicide. I’m not going to stand here and do nothing even if it cost me my life,” DePape reportedly added.

DePape mentioned state and federal lawmakers and their family as targets.

Jenkins confirmed to CNN on Tuesday that officials think DePape had other “targets” besides the House speaker.

Asked by CNN’s Erin Burnett about the suspect’s alleged intentions, Jenkins stated that “there were other public people who were presumably targets of his, and obviously he showed up to the speaker’s residence first.” The case, Jenkins said, is still “very fresh” and she refused to disclose precise information of who had been a prospective target.

District attorney: DePape was “cooperative” with police and “consented to a long interrogation” before hiring a lawyer.

US Capitol Police learnt of the break-in 10 minutes after the event when an officer observed police lights and sirens on a live video feed in the Capitol Police’s Washington, DC, command center, a source said.

Two law enforcement sources told CNN that security cameras at the property may have footage of the break-in.

Two sources said the SFPD stopped putting a police vehicle outside Pelosi’s residence last year.

Rising security worries
US Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said Tuesday the department is “reviewing” the event and that Congress needs more resources for physical protection.

Today’s political atmosphere demands for extra resources to ensure physical protection for lawmakers, Manger said.

This approach would add redundancy to congressional leadership measures. We can’t provide specifics about these changes because we can’t help prospective bad actors, he said.

Manger said Capitol Police “worked tirelessly to investigate reported threats, increase information gathering and analysis, and expand our connections with law enforcement agencies around the nation to provide protection for Members when they travel beyond Washington, DC.”

Rep. Zoe Lofgren told CNN’s Brianna Keilar on Tuesday that legislators won’t be safer “unless we identify the core cause of political violence.”

Ronna McDaniel, RNC chair, and Kevin McCarthy, minority leader, mourned Paul Pelosi. Then he said, “It’s a criminal product, and the Democrats are to blame.”

“That’s like claiming Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in Dallas crime or John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theater. It’s stupid and contributes to disregarding what causes violence, Lofgren added.

Trump conspiracies

Former President Donald Trump stoked an unproven narrative about the attack one day after giving a brief but grounded response.

Trump: “Weird things are happening in that family.” “You and I probably shouldn’t discuss it. The glass was cracked from the inside out, the former president told conservative radio presenter Chris Stigall.

Trump said he’s “not a Nancy Pelosi fan,” but the incident was “quite sad.” “It’s insane,” he said. If what’s stated is true, it’s wild. But the glass was shattered and the police were there very immediately.”

Right-wing politicians have offered conspiracy theories about the incident, including that Paul Pelosi and the invader were homosexual lovers who fought.

The false notion stems from an inaccurate early news story and a few out-of-context pieces of information. It contradicts law enforcement’s reasoning.

San Francisco Police Chief William Scott told CNN there’s no proof Pelosi knew the individual. “Evidence shows the contrary.”


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