When The Father Found Out That His Son Had Slept With His Wife (The Son’s Stepmother), How Did He React?

When The Father Found Out That His Son Had Slept With His Wife (The Son’s Stepmother), How Did He React? Every family is guarded by its secrets. Secrets that, if discovered, could cause the entire family to fall apart. When we learn differently, we are frequently really disappointed because we prefer to think that the people we trust the most have nothing to hide from us.

One man had to deal with the fallout from losing his father (again) as a result of sleeping with his stepmother/girlfriend. dad’s

Man Never Knew His Father, And Had A Really Difficult Childhood

A man described his experiences with sleeping with his stepmother on the “TrueOffMyChest” subreddit after finally forging some sort of connection with his father, who had been imprisoned.

The narrative had a difficult beginning. The man describes his tragic and revolting childhood. His father was imprisoned for murder from the time he was two years old until the man, now 24 years old, was 16 years old.

He explains that while he was growing up, his mother had a number of flings with different guys and that generally speaking, she didn’t have the best sense of style.

The man says that even though he was never physically abandoned, his mother’s abandonment left him feeling emotionally alone. believing that she put her own needs and the needs of other men above caring for her son.

After Some Time, He Sees His Father For The First Time Since He Was Two. As Well As His New Girlfriend

He only knew stories his mother had told him about his father because he had been behind bars for 14 years. When his father reached out to him one day to meet, he hesitated because she had accused him of being harsh.

He ultimately made the decision to meet the man, and when he did, he was shocked to find that the man was nothing like the tales he had heard.

His father was “nothing like what I expected,” according to the author, who also calls him “brilliant, engaging, and highly captivating”.

They had great chemistry right away, and things developed from there.

He continues by saying that his father had invited him over to hang out and have a drink in 2014, which is how he met Karmen, his dad’s girlfriend, who is 49 years old.

He explains that he didn’t think much of Karmen at first because it was common for his dad to invite a new female over (much like his mum did). I reasoned that it wouldn’t be long before she was replaced by a new person.

But things began to alter.

He Started Getting Along With His Stepmother

She started to become more of a mother figure in his views as their relationship continued to grow. Additionally, he was finding it more and more difficult to tell her lies about his dad’s whereabouts when he was out “working” (though he always claims he wasn’t working, being such a charmer and all).

OP was 21 years old when the first interaction between him and Karmen occurred in 2019.

Karmen was in a very precarious situation as a result of the death of her father. Weeping for his passing and requiring consolation during this difficult moment. She attempted to get in touch with OP’s father, but he was obviously out that night, leaving her with only his kid.

He talked to her, gave her some alcohol, and allowed her to vent her feelings in an effort to comfort her. By the end of the evening, she was quite inebriated and needed OP to take her to bed, where she requested that he spend the night.

The following morning, they actually had sex.

The relationship OP formerly had with his father has changed as a result of his father’s recent discovery of the information in 2021, according to OP. Since then, he claims, “things between the two of us haven’t been the same.”

Some Redditors offered sympathy for the OP’s difficult upbringing, while others…well, one person claimed that everyone in the narrative required counseling.

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