Where Is Jordan Turpin Now: What Happened To Him?

Where Is Jordan Turpin Now: Jordan Turpin, one of David and Louise Turpin’s daughters, was able to escape their house on January 14 and dial 911, which allowed authorities to learn about the horrifying crimes the couple had done. Jordan’s parents were handcuffed within hours, and the authorities were able to save all 12 of Jordan’s younger siblings.

The Turpin children were subjected to cruelty and agony, which is detailed in the documentary “20/20: Escape From a House of Horror,” as well as how Jordan’s valiant escape allowed them to begin a new chapter in their lives. If the circumstances surrounding this case intrigue you and you’re wondering where Jordan Turpin is right now, we’ve got you covered.

Where Is Jordan Turpin Now

Jordan Turpin, who is now 21 years old, stated in an interview with Dian Sawyer last summer that he “truly doesn’t have a method to obtain food right now. My older siblings are assisting me, which is something even though I don’t really have any place to go at the moment. Jordan currently takes part in a school program that provides temporary housing.

Deputy district attorney for Riverside County Kevin Beecham, who handled the prosecution of the Turpin case, previously told People magazine that all of the siblings “are happy” despite the allegations from the interview that claimed the siblings were still “living in squalor.” The Turpin family was the target of Beecham’s accusations. They were “going on with their lives,” according to Beecham, and many of them either had jobs or were in school.

At this point, one of them had earned a degree from a college. Some of them are living independently in their own apartments while working and attending school at the same time, he continued. Some people volunteer their time in the neighborhood. They go to a nearby church. All 13 of them still meet up occasionally, and when they do, it’s typically in a secret place. He continued by saying that many people have changed their names in order to hide their identities.

Who Is Jordan Turpin

A model, TikTok celebrity, and Instagram influencer, Jordan Turpin. Since she is well-known on social media, let’s talk about her private life, professional life, and relationship status. A model, TikTok celebrity, and Instagram influencer, Jordan Turpin. Jordan, a “House of Horrors” survivor, most recently worked with Charli D’Amelio, the platform’s largest celebrity. 662,000 people followed her on TikTok. Earlier this week, Jordan sent three heart emoticons along with the message, “Hey, I had so much fun with you today.”

You’re welcome, @charlidamelio. While Charli has 9.7 million views, she only has 1.6 million. On Instagram, she has 153k followers and 38 posts. “I love to help others; I hope to be a motivational speaker someday,” her Instagram bio states. I value your love and assistance. On Instagram, she advertised things as a social media influencer. She is a celebrity on Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, Snapchat, and OnlyFans. Daily vlogs, beauty, fashion, glam, makeup tutorials, and more can be found on her YouTube channel.

What Happened To Jordan Turpin And Her Siblings?

By informing the authorities about her parents in 2018, Turpin was able to release herself as well as her 12 siblings from their captivity and stop them from starving to death. She claimed to have escaped their California home through a window and that her brothers had been beaten when she spoke to the police.

What Happened To Jordan Turpin And Her Siblings
What Happened To Jordan Turpin And Her Siblings

Turpin also remembered how she had escaped punishment. “My whole body was shaking, and I couldn’t actually dial,” she recalled about the day she dialed 911.

She shared the following details about her upbringing and her parents, David and Louise Turpin, during a contact with a dispatcher: “I just ran away from home because I live in a household of 15.” OK? Are you hearing me correctly? Additionally, some of our parents abuse us. Have you been hearing me? When the dispatcher asked her about the way her parents were assaulting her and her siblings, she said, “OK, They Hit Us.”

They take pleasure in flinging us about the room. They remove each hair individually. They keep yanking our hair out. I have two…” The speaker continued, “My two younger sisters are currently in jail. She asserted that her parents would “really murder me” if they learned that she had eluded capture. Police officers found two brothers chained up on their bed when they arrived at the property, along with a filthy home that smelled like decomposing human waste.

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