Who Is Evelyn Hugo Based On: Is The Character Evelyn Hugo Inspired By Real Life Person?

Who Is Evelyn Hugo Based On:

In the middle of what I was doing on my laptop, I got up off the bed and hung out. I didn’t move for hours, only getting up to flip through the pages of that mind-blowing, heartbreaking tale.

Moreover, After reading a book by Taylor Jenkins Reid, I had an intense need to hold a paperback for the first time in years. Because of this, I refuse to let Netflix spoil Evelyn Hugo for me. I beg of you, don’t be like her.

They announced the cinematic adaptation of the New York Times bestseller The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo through Instagram in March, in case you missed it. Nonetheless, BookTok’s most devoted readers aren’t confident that the streamer can do the book justice. yes, count me in as one of those people.

That’s not to say I don’t trust Netflix in general. After receiving The Crown and The Queen’s Gambit, I will concede that Bridgerton was an adaption worthy of the wait. Netflix has established itself as a credible show creator, but the same cannot be said of its filmography.

Rebecca (2020) failed to live up to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1940 best picture winner in terms of mystique and gothic charm. Its fourth-wall-breaking, updated version of Persuasion by Jane Austen was risky, yet it reduced Austen’s beautiful passionate prose to trite soundbites.

I hope you’ll see why I’m a little concerned about Netflix adapting the adored Reid novel. My only concern is that they do it correctly. Here, though, is what you need to know if you’re interested in the adaptation’s specifics and what others have had to say about it.

What Is The Plot Of The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

Who Is Evelyn Hugo Based On: In addition to announcing the film adaptation in the previously mentioned Instagram post, Netflix Film also provided a brief plot summary.

“In this immensely popular story, Hollywood legend Evelyn Hugo confides in an unknown reporter named Monique Grant to tell the story of her life, “the caption says.

“In her memoir, Evelyn talks about her seven marriages, how she became famous during Hollywood’s Golden Age, and the shocking truths and lies she has revealed about her life. Nonetheless, the mystery of her final confession to Monique persists.

Who Is Evelyn Hugo Based On  Source: Deadline

Even though the story of Evelyn’s many husbands is fascinating, readers already familiar with the book will know that Evelyn is bisexual and gives several hints about her sexuality.

Elizabeth Taylor, a famous Hollywood actress, was married eight times to seven different men, and it is widely known that her life served as inspiration for the novel The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Many people think it was inspired by Ava Gardner, the actress who chose to talk about her life with journalist Peter Evans and publish their conversations in the book Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations.

According to Deadline, screenwriter Liz Tigelaar, whose previous work includes Little Fires Everywhere and The Morning Show, will be “adopting” the novel into a film.

Who Is Evelyn Hugo Based On

Taylor Jenkins Reid based Evelyn Hugo on famous Hollywood figures. In an interview with Pop Sugar, Reid called it her most enjoyable research.

Elizabeth Taylor and Rita Hayworth shaped Evelyn Hugo, Reid said. Eight times Elizabeth Taylor married twice. Taylor added Evelyn shares “one or two other things” with Elizabeth Taylor.

Moreover, Like Hugo, Elizabeth married her first spouse as a teenager, had affairs with co-stars, and won an Oscar for her most mundane part. Elizabeth’s tumultuous love life drew Vatican censure.

Margarita Carmen Cansino was Rita Hayworth. Her complexion disguised her Latino ancestry, limiting her Hollywood success. Hayworth dyed her hair red and acquired her mother’s name.

She succeeded by shedding her Latino ethnicity to meet Hollywood beauty standards. Evelyn Hugo, born Evelyn Herrera, abandoned her Cuban origins to become a studio-coveted blonde bombshell. Reid:

Does she want to be Latina? Does she want to lead? Hollywood had those options. You had to fulfill a narrow beauty and identity standard to be a major leading lady.”

Taylor never mentioned Marilyn Monroe, but she must have been influenced by her. Marilyn was recognized for her beauty, but filmmakers typecast her as a seductress.

Moreover, Evelyn struggled to convince Hollywood decision-makers that she was as attractive as she was talentless.

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