Who is Jennifer Aniston Dating? The Actress Relationships and Dating History

As millions of people across the world eagerly await news of Jennifer Aniston’s relationship status, it’s no surprise that the Friends actress’s love life is constantly the talk of the town.

Is there a lucky guy out there who has Jennifer Aniston’s love? Everything you need to know can be found here.

Who is Jennifer Aniston Dating in 2022

Who is Jennifer Aniston Dating 2022

In an interview with Sirius XM, Jennifer Aniston said, “No one of significance has struck my radar yet, but I think it’s time.”

In the wake of her split from Justin Theroux, she’s decided not to date any celebrities, for the time being, claiming the need to take a break from dating celebrities following her split from the actor.

In addition to Theroux, Aniston’s new dating standards were influenced by a number of other celebrities, some of whom you’ll be astonished to learn about. Her love life is detailed below.

Jennifer Aniston’s Past Relationships

After meeting Charlie Schlatter on the set of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Jennifer Aniston had her first celebrity romance with him. The couple’s relationship was described as “short” and “torrid” by multiple sources. Her first experience in the Hollywood dating scene, anyway.

After splitting with Schlatter, Aniston went on to date the late Daniel McDonald, Jon Stewart, Adam Duritz, and Tate Donovan, but her most serious relationship with a major celebrity was right around the corner and that was with none other than Brad Pitt, who was her first and only real boyfriend.

Having dated for two years, Pitt and Aniston wed in 2000 after tying the knot. When it was reported that Pitt cheated on Aniston with Angelina Jolie, the couple received a lot of attention and criticism from the public. The couple’s rumoured divorce in 2005 was purportedly caused by the rumours.

With the help of The Breakup co-star Vince Vaughn, a devastated Jennifer Aniston re-entered the dating pool. Despite their brief relationship, she refers to him affectionately as her “defibrillator.”

Later, Aniston was linked briefly to Paul Sculfor, John Mayer, Bradley Cooper, and Gerard Butler before finding love with her second husband, Justin Theroux, in a series of subsequent relationships. It was 2007 when the two actors first met, but they didn’t become engaged or married until 2015 then split in 2017.

Jennifer Aniston is still searching for her Prince Charming, despite a long history of failed relationships. We’re sure she’ll discover him because she’s always the centre of attention.

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