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Who Is Lala Kent Dating? Why She Broke Up With Her Ex Randall Emmett?

Who Is Lala Kent Dating?

Who Is Lala Kent Dating?

People are interested in Who Is Lala Kent Dating? Because of his massive following and media stardom. In the best of circumstances, knowing where a celebrity relationship stands may be challenging. Read this article to discover the identity of Who Is Lala Kent Dating?

Who Is Lala Kent?

American reality TV star, actor, author, and businesswoman Lala Kent has a net worth of $2 million. Kent’s most prominent role to date has been as a cast member on the Bravo reality series “Vanderpump Rules” (2015–present).

Lala first appeared in Season 4, then Season 5, and finally Season 6 as a regular cast member. Kent owns the Give Them Lala Beauty and Give Them Lala Skin brands, and she has over 1.7 million Instagram followers.

Among the films in which Kent has appeared as an actress are “Reflections in the Mud” (2009), “The Mentor” (2014), and “And one Shot” (2014).

“Pitching Love and Catching Faith” (2015), “10 Minutes Gone” (2019), and “Hard Kill” (2020). As well as hosting the podcast of the same name, she released the book “Give Them Lala” in 2021.

Do You Know Who Is Jeff Lewis?

Reality TV star, property developer, and decorator Jeff Lewis has an estimated net worth of $16 million. For those who don’t know him, Jeff Lewis is the star of “Flipping Out,” a popular reality show on Bravo that ran for 11 seasons, from 2007 to November 2018.

After getting his degree, Jeff went to work as a real estate investor, where he bought homes, fixed them up, and resold them for a profit.

With the success of his enterprise, he decided to launch his own design studio, Jeff Lewis Design, which now creates a line of furniture offered on QVC.

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Who Is Lala Kent Dating?

After breaking up with ex-boyfriend Randall Emmett last October, ala Kent is now completely back on the dating scene and she is dishing all the details.

The mother from Vanderpump Rules spoke about her recent encounter with love at first sight during an interview on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live on October 7.

When asked by host Jeff Lewis if she was seeing someone, Lala said, “I don’t know how that happened, but I think I could be in love with someone.” What the heck?!

Co-host Mercedes “MJ” Javid let out a gasp and insisted that she reveal all they knew about the stranger. We’ve only hung out three times, but we’ve had a lot of fun,” Lala said, adding that “my friend has been trying to connect me with him for a long time, and we finally met.”

In response to Jeff’s inquiry on the meaning of “a lot of fun,” she said, “What do you think it means?” before assuring him that she was joking.

Within seconds of seeing him, I exclaimed, “Oh my god. The face… she thought back. It’s game over if you are hit in the face, they say. Lala joked that she didn’t know “how that happened” when asked by host Jeff Lewis if she was dating. I mean, what the…

Within seconds of seeing him, I exclaimed, “Oh my god. The face… she thought back. It’s game over if you are hit in the face, they say. The Friendship Between Lala Kent and James Kennedy Has Been Updated

The good news is that Jeff and MJ were successful in getting Lala to provide some additional information, such as the fact that the mystery man is “absolutely” 38 years old and that he, in fact, has a job.

She told one of the actors in Shahs of Sunset, “I adore his brain.” “He has a high IQ. What he says with his words contradicts what he says with his expression. What can I say? Like, I have to have his baby or something.

Despite Jeff’s admonition to “slow down,” Lala continued by saying that, unlike her ex, who was 20 years her senior, her current man is in “the safe zone” age-wise (i.e., “just below 40”). I don’t plan on living that long. She continued by saying that twenty years was a long time to wait for Ocean’s father.

When compared to a previous romance Lala mentioned this year, her current one is going swimmingly. While participating in an Amazon Live event in March, she admitted that she was still open to dating at the time.

In her own words, “the only thing I’m comfortable with right now is a group date,” which is why her most recent one was with a group. He was fine, but the results of the private investigator’s investigation weren’t encouraging.

I stopped going out on dates after that. I’ve had several interesting conversations, but no actual dates yet. It’s been over six months, but Lala seems to have altered her tune.

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