Wolf Pack Season 2 Release Date, Will There Be A Second Season Of Wolf Pack?

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) made the transition from Sunnydale monster hunter to moody werewolf Kristin Ramsey in the first season of Wolf Pack.

Well, in the second-to-last episode, her true identity was revealed, putting to rest any speculation that Ramsey was actually a retired Buffy.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious to find out that Buffy is the only character in season two of “Wolf Pack?” Gellar laughed about the suspenseful ending in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, but the mood is too serious now.

We’d like to know when we can next catch up with our favorite pack of California werewolves.

Do we have any news on whether or not Wolf Pack will return for a second season? Let’s investigate this further.

Will There Be A Second Season Of Wolf Pack?

Paramount Plus has not yet renewed Wolf Pack, but a decision on the show’s future is expected in the coming weeks after viewing numbers are tabulated across the network’s weekly release schedule.

Showrunner Jeff Davis was also refreshingly realistic about the show’s chances of returning for a second season, saying that the decision to renew (or cancel) would be made based on variables beyond his control.

Wolf Pack Season 2 Release Date

There has been no official word about a second season of Wolf Pack, but we’re still holding out hope. But, fans still have a long wait ahead of them, even if the conversion renewal is approved.

The first season premiered in January 2023, thus we may anticipate the second season’s debut in the first half of 2024. Please keep in mind that the production may need additional time to incorporate the special effects.

Jeff Davis, the creator of Wolf Pack and Teen Wolf, is willing to take risks in pursuit of a greenlight, but he is taking no chances.

Here is a tweet below about the Wolf Pack season 2:

In a January interview with SFX, the “father of wolves” (as he must now be known, considering his propensity for fueling werewolf addiction) revealed the following details about season two:

“As you are doing the first season and setting up all these threads, you always start thinking a little further down the line… but nothing too concrete, yet,” Davis admitted.

“If enough subscribers sign up, if enough people watch, then we will get serious about it.”

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Who Could Be In The Cast Of Wolf Pack Season 2?

Who Could Be In The Cast Of Wolf Pack Season 2

Sarah Michelle Gellar is the clear frontrunner to play Kristin Ramsey again if Wolf Pack is renewed, and the character seems to have several layers that might be developed in subsequent episodes.

Armani Jackson, who played Everett Lang, and Bella Shepard, who played Blake Navarro, are two more prominent cast members from the first season of Wolf Pack that might return.

As for the other characters, we may see more from Chloe Rose Robertson (Luna), Tyler Lawrence Gray (Harlan), and Rodrigo Santoro (Garrett Briggs).

However, it appears that Bailey Stender (Phoebe Caldwell) and Sean Philip Glasgow (Connor Ryan) have met their horrific ends at the hands of the program’s fearsome werewolf and that we have seen the last of them on the show.

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