Woman Accusing Prince Andrew Drops’mistaken’ Charges Against Alan Dershowitz

She “may have been misled” about accusing Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz of alleged misconduct, says the American woman who successfully sued Prince Andrew for sex trafficking and won millions.

After years of suing Dershowitz, Virginia Roberts Giuffre conceded on Tuesday that she may have been wrong when she accused him of having sex with her when she was a teenager in Florida. Giuffre had accused Dershowitz, then the lawyer for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, of having sex with her.

Woman Accusing Prince Andrew Drops'mistaken' Charges Against Alan Dershowitz
Woman Accusing Prince Andrew Drops’mistaken’ Charges Against Alan Dershowitz

In a joint statement, Giuffre, Dershowitz, and one of Giuffre’s former lawyers, David Boies, said that all of the defamation lawsuits that each had filed against the other over the past half a decade had been settled and dropped due to Giuffre’s accusations against prominent men regarding alleged sex trafficking.

USA TODAY has acquired a statement that claims all litigation has been dismissed “with prejudice,” meaning that no further lawsuits may be filed. In the announcement, it is stated that the parties will not be exchanging any money as part of the settlement.

A ecstatic Dershowitz exclaimed in a phone interview with USA TODAY. “I appreciate it. It’s good that she’s being clean about the possibility that she mistook me for someone else.”

Since Giuffre initially made the claims public in 2015, Dershowitz has rejected (and criticized) them. In her statement, Giuffre stated she had “long thought” she was trafficked by Epstein to Dershowitz. (Her claims against Andrew, Prince at the time, were the most spoken about.)

“However, I was extremely young at the time, it was a very difficult and terrible atmosphere, and Mr. Dershowitz has from the beginning firmly refuted these charges,” Giuffre, now 39, said in her statement. “In retrospect, I see that it’s possible I mistook someone else for Mr. Dershowitz. My family and I have been under a lot of emotional and financial strain due to this lawsuit, and we are ready to put an end to it so that we can go on with our lives.”

Dershowitz, who has defended many famous people, including ex-President Donald Trump, has denied having sexual relations with Giuffre. He made his disapproval of Giuffre’s accusations known publicly and forcefully when her claims against Andrew, the Duke of York and the second son of Queen Elizabeth II, made international news in January 2015.

“I have nonetheless come to think that at the time she accused me she believed what she stated,” Dershowitz said in a statement released by one of his attorneys, Imran Ansari. Mrs. Giuffre deserves praise for admitting openly that she may have been wrong about me.

He praised Giuffre for her efforts to end the “evil of sex trafficking” and pointed out that she had “suffered much at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein,” a former client who committed himself in a New York prison in 2019. Epstein was under trial for sex trafficking.

The two lawyers, Dershowitz and Boies, were involved in a slander case against each other when Boies represented Giuffre. It has been decided to drop all of those lawsuits.

Dershowitz said that he might have been “mistaken” in his accusations against Boies. I also now feel that my charges that David Boies participated in an extortion plan and in suborning perjury were wrong,” Dershowitz stated.

According to Boies’ statement, both Dershowitz and Giuffre have “suffered immensely” by the sexual assault claims over the years, while Giuffre has also felt the “weight” of several litigation stemming from her allegations.

The moment has come to finish this case and move on, Boies said, echoing the sentiments of Mr. Dershowitz and Ms. Giuffre. “Mr. Dershowitz’s admission that I did not attempt to extort money or suborn perjury is something I am grateful for. To everyone of them, I extend my best wishes, and I appreciate their words in the spirit in which they are given.”


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