Woman Went 3,000 Miles To Meet Internet Boyfriend Before Being Killed For Her Organs

At the end of July, Blanca Arellano informed her family that she would be traveling to Lima to see Juan Pablo Jess Villafuerte, the man she had been communicating with virtually for a while, in person.

Her family initially assumed that Arellano was going to her 37-year-old Peruvian boyfriend’s home in the seaside city of Huacho. They continued to think this until they stopped hearing from her on November 7.

The 51-year-old didn’t mention anything concerning during that final chat with her niece, Karla Arellano, that would have caused her relative to be alarmed. According to officials, she claimed that the online relationship had shown to withstand the same tests as an in-person one and that she had even begun to feel love for the man she had previously only known through the computer screen.

Weeks passed before Arellano’s hoped-for trip to meet her purported “love” was exposed as a horrific hoax, one that had the Mexican woman’s family scrambling to find her only to have their worst fears realized.

The 51-year-social old’s media-savvy niece’s efforts may have been the reason the case received the early attention it did, as her posts about her missing aunt amassed hundreds of likes, retweets, and comments.

“I never imagined myself in this position, but today I’m pleading for your help to share this message and locate one of the most important and cherished persons in my life. On November 7 in Peru, my aunt Blanca Olivia Arellano Gutiérrez vanished. The post from November 12 stated, “We worry for her life.

In the posts, the younger Ms. Arellano claimed that she had started to have concerns about the medical student her aunt had met in an online gambling forum after learning from a conversation with him in November that the two had broken up and that his ex-lover had informed him that she was returning to Mexico.

She added a comment to her Twitter thread about her aunt’s abduction, saying, “I opted to talk with Juan P as he was the only contact she had in that nation and that is where our anxiety was awakened.

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The anxious niece emphasized in her writings how Villafuerte was the only person in the nation who her aunt knew when she inquired, “Is she ok?”

The medical student replied that he had broken off contact with Arellano a few days prior and that she had informed him that she was leaving for Mexico via aircraft after concluding, in his words, “I couldn’t offer the life she desired.”

The niece wrote in her writings that her aunt “WOULD NOT DISAPPEAR JUST LIKE THAT EVER AND LESS WITHOUT WARNING” and that this behavior was quite out of character for her.

In one of the subsequent posts, she said, “Juan P is the only contact we have and he is the last person to see my Aunt Blanca alive. Up until now, he has not wanted to assist with information that could facilitate his search, and now.”

The elder Ms. Arellano was informed by Villafuerte that he had completed his “job” but would no longer be able to help the family find their lost relative going forward since he didn’t “know anything else from here and I’m saying this with grief.”

The 37-year-final old’s text message to the family said, “Take care and I hope she comes back home safely.

Soon after, when her niece’s internet messages started to get more attention, Peruvian officials opened an inquiry into the missing Mexican woman.

The horrifying finding of a severed finger on November 10—still wearing its silver ring—confirmed the worst for Arellano’s family.

Despite the fact that the fingerprints had been erased, the family was nevertheless able to identify it as their lost relative by using the silver ring that Arellano was known to wear.

More disturbing finds started turning up on the same Huacho beach in the days that followed, including a faceless head, an arm, and finally a torso with all the internal organs appearing to have been deliberately removed from the chamber.

On November 17, Villafuerte received a warrant for his arrest and was brought in as the prime suspect in Arellano’s homicide investigation.

According to Latin Noticias, the general attorney for Peru announced at a news conference on Monday that Juan Pablo Villafuerte had been detained on suspicion of trafficking in human organs.

Villafuerte, 37, allegedly started posting videos on TikTok shortly after Arellano vanished that looked to show him dissecting human organs, including a pancreas and a brain, El Popular claimed. This horrifying discovery was only made known days after the medical student’s arrest.

Investigators also discovered traces of blood spattering throughout the murder suspect’s flat, including in the bathroom, laundry room, on the mattress, and on cleaning equipment, according to El Pais.

Her niece tweeted on Wednesday, “We have no words to convey what we are suffering. “My aunt should be remembered as a kind, pleasant, cheerful, clever, and loving person,” said the family.

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