Workers At Major California Airport Walk Out On Amazon Over Wage And Safety Concerns

Amazon employees at its major air hub in California went on strike earlier this week for better pay and working conditions.

Employees at the San Bernardino factory are organizing under the name Inland Empire Amazon Workers United, and they were the ones who called for the work stoppage on Monday. As one of Amazon’s many massive air cargo hubs, KSBD is where Amazon-branded planes take off to deliver products to distribution centers all throughout the United States.

Inland Empire Amazon Workers United tweeted, “We’ve been organizing for a $5 salary rise, safe working conditions, and a stop to retribution at the warehouse.” We’ve had it with @amazon ignoring our requests any longer.

A total of 160 workers, according to the union, decided to strike. According to a company representative, just 74 of the roughly 1,500 workers at the Amazon air hub (KSBD) really participated in the walkout.

The company representative said, “We support our employees’ freedom to make their ideas known publically, even though there are many established channels to ensure we hear their opinions internally.”

People were worried about the “suffocating” heat, too. According to the group, the San Bernardino airport was 95 degrees or hotter on 24 days last month. Workers had complained to facility management about the heat, so more shaded places were built.


Flaningan stated that the facility rarely gets hotter than 77 degrees. He assured them that they were free to express their thoughts and feelings within the organization.

Flaningan remarked that the company was glad to offer its teams in the region “competitive compensation, full benefits, and an engaging, safe work environment.”

Amazon and other online retailers have put considerable resources into expanding their presence in the Inland Empire. Pollution and other environmental damages are being cited as reasons to be concerned about the recent explosion in the number of distribution centers and warehouses.

The Inland Empire Amazon Workers United released a statement claiming that Amazon is the largest private sector employer in the area.

The increase in unionization efforts among Amazon’s warehouse and delivery staff coincides with the walkout. While the results of an election at a warehouse in Alabama are still undecided, Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse became the company’s first U.S. union. At the height of the Covid-19 outbreak, workers also staged rallies to draw attention to safety problems.