xQc Net Worth: How Much Does xQc Make Per Year?

Canadian online celebrity and ex-professional Overwatch player xQc (or xQcOW) streams on Twitch. He became well-known after he began live-streaming eSports competitions, particularly League of Legends (LOL) and Overwatch. He returned to streaming video games professionally before launching his own channel on YouTube. Here, though, we’ll discuss xQc’s wealth in 2022. xQc Net Worth may surprise you let’s find out.

Early Life

xQc entered the world on November 12, 1995, in Laval, southwestern Québec, Canada, on the Félix Lengyel. From a young age on, Felix and his older brother Nick shared a passion for video games.

Using his camera, he frequently filmed himself doing stunts on skateboards and motorcycles, two of his favorite forms of recreation. Felix was also a bit of a rogue. Whenever he’s trying to focus on his schoolwork, he inevitably disrupts the class by speaking English he picked up from video games.

Though French was his first tongue, he learned a new language specifically for video games so that he could follow the plots and dialogue. His English-speaking gaming peers would mock him as he was interacting with players.

xQc attended the Quebec post-secondary education pre-university technical institution to study humanities and administration after finishing high school. However, he left school after 3.5 years in order to focus on an online business.

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Career With Esport

xQc launched a new professional career on Twitch not long after dropping out of university.

His early Twitch broadcasts focused primarily on League of Legends, a popular video game series that was localized into his native French. About this time, he took the xQc out of Félix Québec to use as the handle for the acronym xQc.

Overwatch was released in May of 2016, and xQc’s meteoric ascension to the top of the Twitch ranks happened to coincide with the premiere of this groundbreaking new game series.

Felix joined Daniel Esports’s Overwatch team in October 2016 after swiftly becoming a major player in the professional gaming scene. Regrettably, they broke up around 6 months after forming.

What service does xQc use to broadcast?

While xQc uses Twitch for his live broadcasts, he uploads gameplay videos and any noteworthy moments that occur during his shows to YouTube. xQc was the most-watched Livestream in October 2019 and the 29th most-followed streamer overall, according to data from Twitch. xQc’s popularity stems from his wit and the fact that he enjoys conversing with his fans for long periods of time. His stream is always entertaining, and he frequently teams up with other casters.

The current owner of the eleventh most-viewed channel on Twitch, he has racked up a total of 22.2 million viewers and his all-time high is somewhere around 223 thousand.

How much does xQc make?

As of right now, xQc pulls in an average of 70,000 viewers every stream on Twitch. His monthly income is now close to $300,000. His streams have amassed over 1.5 million subscribers, and he frequently updates his YouTube account with new video game content.

SocialBlade estimates that he can make as much as $1.4 million per year through YouTube ads. His YouTube channel has over 30 million views, and he consistently receives over a million views per day.

xQc joined the Los Angeles-based eSports team Sentinels in February 2019 to serve as a substitute Overwatch player and a variety streamer.

On April 9, 2020, during a Valorant stream, he attracted a record-breaking 222,720 viewers. In April of 2020, chess grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura appeared in one of xQc’s streams, which helped increase his fame on Twitch. In 2020 on October 1st, xQc made public his decision to join Luminosity Gaming as a content creator for the company. He has not disclosed his compensation from the company.

Earnings from Playing Professional Overwatch

In 2017, xQc had the experience of his life as a member of Team Canada, which placed second at the Overwatch World Cup. He was chosen as the game’s most valuable player, and his squad won almost $200,000 in the end. As for his other income during this time, hardly much is known.

xQc has been a part of several different eSports teams and currently earns a six-figure salary as a Twitch streamer for Luminosity Gaming. There are a number of xQc-themed items out there because of his various endorsement arrangements, most notably with G Fuel.

Income from YouTube

xQc does not have a massive following on YouTube, with only roughly 1.46 million people tuning in regularly. Based on the data collected by SocialBlade, his monthly income is between $7,500 and $120,000. The potential annual income of $1.4 million is thus possible.

Given the increasing focus he has been paying to his YouTube channel, this figure is certain to rise.

xQc Revenue From Live Streaming On Twitch

xQc Revenue From Live Streaming On Twitch

When taking into account xQc’s massive following on Twitch, it’s no surprise that his streams consistently pull in an audience of over 70,000 people. Without factoring in donations from fans, re-subscriptions, gifting subscriptions, brand collaborations, or endorsement deals, he might expect to make between $250,000 and $300,000.

Additionally, since leaving competitive Overwatch, xQc has signed several sponsorship arrangements. There is limited information available regarding the total earnings from his contracts with Verizon, G Fuel, and MetaThreads.

In February of 2020, while broadcasting lives, xQc unintentionally revealed a partnership with Verizon to promote specific items. Including the commission, he would receive if his audience used a special discount code to purchase the things he promoted, he could have made close to $11,000 from the arrangement.


Again, xQc’s total monthly spending is unknown, as are most of his income statistics. He was born and raised in Canada but now makes his home in Texas, and he’s one of the most delightfully outspoken figures in recent history. His Twitch and YouTube broadcasts give the impression that he enjoys a lavish lifestyle, although he has never discussed his finances publicly.

Current Events

It’s safe to say that xQc has been involved in more than his fair share of controversy throughout his professional eSports career. After being caught making homophobic slurs toward opponent Austin “Muma” Wilmot in 2017, the Overwatch League banned him for four games and fined him $2500. A few days after his return, he was suspended once more, this time for inappropriate language and social media offenses.

Because of the many amusing things that happen during his shows, he is frequently featured in the media as a Twitch broadcaster. In the recent past, xQc has been banned twice from Grand Theft Auto V for breaking server rules and using a bug to murder other players.

xQc’s meteoric rise to Twitch fame can be traced back to when the game Cyberpunk 2077 was originally published and he spent hours every day streaming it.

xQc Net Worth

One of the wealthiest streamers in the country as of 2022, xQc Net Worth is predicted to be about $9 million. Not only did he become one of the three most popular streams on Twitch, but he quickly rose to the top.

There have been reports that between 2019 and 2021, xQc made somewhere in the neighborhood of $8 million just his Twitch account. A significant portion of his earnings comes from endorsement deals, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and other avenues.

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