YouTube Chef Cut Up Boyfriend and Threw Head Into Sea at Thai Resort

Daniel Sancho Bronchalo, a 29-year-old YouTube chef, appeared in court after being arrested for the brutal murder and dismemberment of his boyfriend, Dr. Edwin Arrieta Arteaga, a 44-year-old Colombian plastic surgeon. The heinous crime took place on the picturesque Thai island of Koh Pha Ngan during a holiday gone horribly wrong.

Fatal Argument on Koh Pha Ngan

The couple’s vacation took a dark turn when an argument erupted between them over “sex and money,” leading to a tragic outcome.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Thai authorities have indicated that there were potential signs of premeditation in the crime.

The Discovery of Body Parts

Mr. Sancho, the son of Spanish actors, initially reported Dr. Arteaga missing after attending a full moon party with friends. However, suspicions arose when body parts, including hips and thighs, were found at a local landfill site. The police later discovered additional remains scattered at seven different locations.

Chilling Allegations and Charges

According to reports, the accused chef allegedly cut the victim’s body into 14 pieces and disposed of them in various ways, including in a suitcase cast into the sea. DNA tests confirmed the identity of the remains as Dr. Arteaga’s. Mr. Sancho is now facing charges of premeditated murder and concealing a corpse.

Possible Signs of Preparation

Media outlets have revealed that Mr. Sancho was observed purchasing items like knives, plastic bags, and cleaning supplies from convenience stores on the island, fueling suspicions about premeditation.

Family’s Plea for Respect

In light of the distressing situation, Mr. Sancho’s family released a statement asking for understanding and respect during this difficult time.

Legal Proceedings

Mr. Sancho appeared in court, and authorities are seeking his continued detention as the investigation unfolds.

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