18 Pounds of Cocaine Discovered at Texas-Mexico Border

Drug traffickers are always thinking of new ways to evade authorities; this time, they used cheese to hide their contraband from the authorities. On July 20th, something unusual occurred in front of Customs and Border Protection agents at the Presidio Port of Entry in Texas.

The Mexican authorities gave a suspicious pickup truck a second look at the border. Even though the driver had reported four enormous cheese wheels as harmless cargo, something didn’t seem right.

The X-ray machine was used to scan the cheese wheels for a thorough inspection. The findings were shocking, pointing to oddities that needed more research. Carefully, CBP officials split open the seemingly regular cheese wheels and discovered a shocking discovery: seven secret bundles laced with cocaine weighing a total of 17.8 pounds were cunningly tucked within.

The twwet below verifies the news:

The truck driver, a 22-year-old American citizen, and the drugs were soon seized, and the driver was arrested. Drug traffickers’ brazen attempt to use cheese as a cover shows how law enforcement must remain vigilant and try new tactics to combat the illegal drug trade.

The mission of Customs and Border Protection to protect local populations and foil elaborate smuggling schemes remains unchanged.

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