Uninvited Guests Killed 1 and Injured 6 at a 19-year-old’s Birthday Party in Northern California

Six other people were hurt and one 18-year-old woman was killed early Sunday morning at a birthday party in Antioch, California, police said.

Antioch Police Department said in a news release that the killing happened when uninvited guests showed up at a 19-year-old’s birthday party in a home in the city just before 1 am.

Antioch police say that the gunfire caused people at the party to run away in different directions, some of them with gunshot wounds. Officials say that many of the victims drove themselves to nearby hospitals.

The police got multiple 911 calls saying there was gunfire at the house. When they got there, they found a big crowd and several people who had been shot.

Later, police found out that seven people had been shot, including the 18-year-old woman who died at the hospital from her wounds. Police haven’t been able to figure out who she is.

Police say that the other victims were all between 18 and 20 years old, and none of them had life-threatening gunshot wounds.

No one knows who or how many people opened fire or if they knew any of the people who died. Police didn’t say anything about what led up to the killing or why it might have happened.

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Before the police arrived, the suspect or suspects left the area in a car, and cops are still trying to figure out who did it. Police said that on Sunday, detectives were talking to a lot of witnesses and neighbors and gathering evidence as they looked into the killing.

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