2 of 3 Suspects Arrested for K!lling of 6-year-old Sir’Antonio Brown

Investigators from the federal government and the city of Kansas City, Kansas, are looking for one of three people who are still on the run after a shooting that killed a 6-year-old boy as he played outside his family’s home.

On Thursday, cops said that they had caught two suspects in the murder case. Lakevis Sloan and a 17-year-old are both charged with second-degree murder.

On May 3, as Sir’Antonio Brown, who goes by the name Sir, played outside near 31st and Greeley, police think three people fired dozens of shots. Police say there is evidence that the shooters saw the kindergartener but still decided to shoot, not caring about the child’s life.

The tweet below verifies the news:

“Everyone was doing their best,” KCK Police Chief Karl Oakman said. “We can’t live in a society where it’s okay to kill a six-year-old.” “I hope that we’ve shown that we won’t put up with it. The cops and the people in the neighborhood really worked together on this.”

Sir’s death was very sad for his family, his friends, his teachers, and the director of his school. Shortly after Sir’s life was taken from him, a large vigil was held to remember him.

“Sir deserves justice. That is not fair for a six-year-old. Shyneisha Hill said earlier this month that no child should have to go through that. “No parent deserves what my cousin’s is going through.”

When Sloan and a child got off a Greyhound bus in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, they were taken by the FBI and KCK. Sloan and the teen are going to be sent back to Kansas, where they were both charged with second-degree murder by the Wyandotte County District Attorney. Oakman said that the two suspects have not helped the probe so far.

“We have two of the three, and we’re on our way to get the third. We won’t let it happen. “We’ll be able to catch all three of them,” Oakman said. “I also want to say something to those who help them or give them a place to stay. We’ll also come after you. Anyone who helps this person hide will be sent to jail.”

Investigators are asking anyone who knows who the third suspect is and where he or she is to call 816-474-TIPS privately.

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Cassandra Sledge, who was 18 at the time, had already been charged in the Sir’s death. Investigators said that Sledge owns the car that the suspects used to kill the man and that he told police officers lies to keep the suspects from being charged. She is still in the Wyandotte County Detention Center, where she was booked.

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