Channel 9 Said That a Police Chase in Shelby Resulted in an Acc*dent at 1:07 a.m. Sunday, K!lling Three Teens

At around 1:07 a.m., a chase in Shelby resulted in a cr@sh that claimed the lives of three teens. On Sunday, 9 News has learned. Deputies in Cherokee, South Carolina, say someone calling 911 reported gunfire as they drove away from a barbecue.

Deputies say the female caller said she was a passenger in a car that had been sh*t at by a truck that was still pursuing the vehicle. The firing truck eventually drove into Cleveland County. At Sulphur Springs Road, a deputy began tailing the vehicle and was almost able to catch up to it before it reached its high speed limit.

The deputy eventually located the wrecked automobile at the corner of Dekalb Street and Suttle Street. Nobody in the house got wounded. The homeowner told police that he was sleeping when the cr@sh occurred.

Below is a tweet about a tragic car accident involving young people:

“I was in the bed asleep I was in this room. Another 15 feet and it would have hit me. If it had been on this side of the house it would have been right at my front room,” homeowner Kenneth Hoskins said. Hoskins, who has been a resident of the house since 1971, claims he is grateful to be alive after the incident.

“This is the way crime. Is people got nothing better to do?” Hoskins said. A deputy reported to Channel 9 that both teenagers had perished at the site.

You may stay current on the news by reading the California Examiner:

Given the suspects’ dogged pursuit of the victims and their willingness to fire at them, it’s a wonder no one in the victims’ car was hurt. Sheriff Alan Norman was “very pleased” with the teamwork displayed during the investigation.

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