Four Males Were Shot and Killed at a Neighbourhood Car Wash in Birmingham, Alabama!

Birmingham, Alabama police are looking into a quadruple killing. The Birmingham Police Department released a statement saying that on Friday afternoon, they responded to a call about several gunshots and discovered four people who were motionless on the ground near a vacant lot.

Shooting wounds appeared on all four of them. Terell Edwards, 38, Kevin McGhee, 38, Cortez Ray, 32, and Talton Tate, 36, were the four males named.

At the site, the bodies of Ray, Tate, and Edwards were identified. Police said McGhee’s injuries were life-threatening, so they took him to UAB Hospital, where he was later declared dead.

Authorities think that at least one victim was specifically targeted. According to the police, an unidentified gunman opened fire on the four men while they were at a local car wash.

4 Men Killed in Shooting at Neighborhood

The Birmingham Authorities Department is asking anyone with information regarding the incident to contact them, even though no one was taken into custody, according to the authorities.

“It’s disgusting that these things continue to happen in our city over and over again and people have got to learn other ways to resolve their conflicts or come to some kind of resolution other than resorting to gunfire,” said Birmingham Police Chief Scott Thurmond of CBS affiliate WIAT-TV.

“Everyone in the neighborhood here finds it annoying.” We’re simply trying to make Birmingham a better place for everyone, and it’s upsetting for us as police officers.

Police in Birmingham revealed that 12 murder investigations had been opened so far this year, thanks to the shooting.

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