Tragic Drive-by Shooting in Birmingham Claims the Lives of Four Men

On Friday afternoon, four men were killed in a hail of gunfire in the Smithfield suburb of Birmingham.

Late Friday night, authorities in Birmingham announced the names of the victims: 32-year-old Cortez Ray, 36-year-old Talton Tate, 38-year-old Terrell Edwards, and 38-year-old Kevin McGhee.

The 900 block of Centre Street North was the scene of many gunshots at approximately 2:45 p.m.According to the police, the males were waiting outside a car wash when someone drove by and started shooting.

At the scene, Ray, Tate, and Edwards were declared dead. UAB Hospital was the site of McGhee’s death shortly thereafter. According to Police Chief Scott Thurmond, no one has been taken to jail.

Thurmond mentioned that the investigation is still in its early stages, but they are working to determine what happened and who could be guilty for this horrific murder.

Birmingham Drive-by Shooting

The fact that these things are happening in our city even though people have figured out ways to deal with their problems is very repulsive. The chief explained that it was a problem for the whole neighbourhood.

Thurmond elaborated by saying that four persons dying in a single violent incident are unusual in Birmingham. “This neighbourhood, and our city, are going to be rocked by it.”

According to investigators, the shooting was targeted and at least two shooters were involved. The initial count by the police was 34 shot casings, but they anticipated finding many more.

Tragically, two victims passed out outside the house where the shooting took place, while a third fled the scene and later fainted on the side of another house less than half a block away. Dozens of distraught friends and relatives rushed to the scene, causing the neighbourhood to descend into mayhem.

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