A Woman From Wisconsin Was Found Guilty of Killing, S*xually Abusing, and Cutting Up Her Ex-boyfriend

After a trial in which the defendant openly laughed at the presentation of horrific evidence and even attacked her previous defense attorney, a woman in Green Bay, Wisconsin was found guilty on Wednesday of murder, s*xual abuse, and dismemberment of her ex-boyfriend.

On Wednesday, a jury convicted 25-year-old Taylor Schabusiness guilty of murder, third-degree s*xual abuse, and mutilating a corpse in the slaying of 24-year-old Shad Thyrion in February 2022.

It was claimed that the Brown County jury only needed about an hour to reach a verdict of guilty. At the Green Bay home he lived with his mother, authorities allege she strangled Thyrion, s*xually tortured him, and dismembered his body, leaving pieces of his body strewn about the house and in a car.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Schabusiness smiled and laughed throughout the trial, even when a video of her interrogation by police was shown and the judge considered whether to show grisly photographs of the victim’s dismembered head. The Green Bay Press-Gazette said that Thyrion’s mother called 911 after discovering his severed head in a bucket in the basement.

WBAY reports that on cross-examination, Schabusiness admitted that she often took meth and that evidence of the drug’s use was discovered at the crime site. Law enforcement said that Schabusiness did not appear intoxicated when she was arrested, and that she was cooperative and able to answer and ask questions during interrogation.

It was also mentioned by the prosecution that Schabusiness is obsessed with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. In his closing statement, Brown County District Attorney David Lasee referred to the case as “bizarre.” “This is strange. This is unnatural — but in no way is it unclear,” Lasee said. “She did cause Shad Thyrion’s death.”

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To paraphrase Christopher Froelich, the defense attorney, the case is “a puzzling, unclear collection of facts.” “Was this an accidental death? Was there intent to kill Shad Thryion? It’s foggy, it’s cloudy, it’s hard to figure out,” Froelich said.

The next step of the trial is to decide whether or not Schabusiness has a mental illness and needs to be committed to a mental institution or incarcerated. After her arrest, the court entered a not-guilty plea on Schabusiness’s behalf, and her old lawyer entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

In March, Judge Thomas Walsh of the Brown County Circuit Court decided that Schabusiness had the requisite mental capacity to stand trial. During a hearing in February, Schabusiness assaulted her former attorney, Quinn Jolly, resulting in a deputy having to wrestle her to the floor.

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