Abducted Ithaca Woman Killed in Police Shootout with Alleged Kidnapper in Virginia

An update about Michael Davis’ kidnapping of Tatiana David was made public by the New York State Police. After bullets were exchanged between Davis and the Virginia State Police last night, David was discovered dead today:

  • Police were notified by a witness. On Wednesday in Ithaca, Davis coerced David into the Jeep against her will.
  • After the police chase and shooting between Davis and Virginia State Police, David was discovered dead outside a Vehicle from a “apparent gunshot wound.”
  • Davis’ health is serious.
  • David and Davis have a four-year-old kid together and were acquainted via a prior relationship.

Ithaca, New York A gunfight between police and the suspected kidnapper just outside Washington, D.C. Friday night resulted in the death of an Ithaca woman who was kidnapped on her birthday, according to troopers.

The New York State Police issued a warning after Tatiana David was taken from West Circle Hill in Ithaca at 7:20 a.m. on Wednesday. On that day, she turned 34.

According to New York police, she may be traveling in a white Jeep Cherokee with tinted windows and a roof rack with Michael Davis, 34.

The tweet below by News 4 Buffalo confirms the news on their official Twitter account:

According to a press statement from the Virginia State Police, the couple was in the Jeep going south on Interstate 95 in Fairfax County, Virginia, at about 9:40 p.m. on Wednesday.

According to Virginia authorities, the Jeep had the incorrect license plates and was sought in New York for the kidnapping of a lady.

Virginia state authorities said that a trooper stopped the Jeep, approached it, and identified Davis’s driver. Virginia troopers said that the Jeep took off as the trooper was returning to it.

Davis continued driving after crashing the Jeep into a guard rail close to milepost 152, according to Virginia state authorities. The Jeep off the road and crashed into the woods in Prince William County close to Exit 148, according to authorities.

Davis fired at the officers as they drew near the Vehicle, according to Virginia authorities. The troops returned fire.

According to troopers, Davis and David both sustained injuries. They didn’t say if either had been shot or whether the accidents caused the injuries.

According to troopers, David was declared deceased at the scene. According to authorities, Davis was taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital with serious injuries.

No officers of the law were hurt. According to troopers, the incident also included a Fairfax County police officer.

According to standard procedure, the troopers were put on administrative leave, according to Virginia troopers.

David is undergoing an autopsy, according to Virginia state police.

According to Virginia troopers, New York and Virginia troopers are collaborating on the kidnapping investigation.

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