Bakery Owner in Lawrenceville Fatally Shot in the Store!

The Lawrenceville Police Department announced the death of a 37-year-old man early Saturday morning after a gunshot incident. The event took place at 259 Scenic Highway, Fejzic Bakery, soon before 7 in the morning.

A 911 caller reported that someone had been shot, and the police were quickly sent to the location. In the parking lot, they found a man who was shot and unconscious. The man was not revived despite the medics’ best efforts. The authorities at the spot declared him dead.

To try to determine what happened, detectives spent the day analyzing the location of the crime, interviewing potential witnesses, and studying security footage. The police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident at the intersection of Scenic Highway and Gwinnett Drive to contact them.

Detective Sampson of the Lawrenceville Police Department can be reached at [email protected] or 770-670-5145. Anyone with information or a witness is asked to contact him immediately. By phoning 404-577-8477 or going online, tips can also be sent anonymously to Crime Stoppers.

No one has been notified of the deceased’s identify as of yet. The investigation into the murderous shooting has not yet yielded a motive. Bereaved Lawrenceville neighborhood reels after tragic bakery shooting

Lawrenceville Bakery Owner Gunned Down

Because of how close-knit the Bosnian community is in Lawrenceville, the tragic incident has shocked everyone. “People cannot believe something like this in this area happens,” said Elvis Sinanovic, the victim’s friend. “It’s devastating…I don’t know what to say.”

We know him for at least 20 years…this bakery has been here for about 20 years. I bought many times, bread from him,” Sinanovic said. After 20 years of knowing him…About twenty years have passed at this bakery. “I purchased bread from him on multiple occasions,” Sinanovic remarked.

Mary Hollowell, who has had her antique shop in the plaza next door for 26 years, claims that this is the only occurrence of its like that she has witnessed or heard of. “I’ve never felt unsafe walking in and out of here, but it can happen anywhere, I guess unfortunately for the young man,” said Hollowell.

The victim’s identity has not been released by the police, but Sinanovic, a longtime acquaintance, told FOX 5 that the deceased was a cherished parent and spouse. “He was a quiet guy, a family guy, like I said, he just had his second baby born…it was for everybody shocked,” according to him.

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