Two Remain at Large Following an Overnight Gunfire With an Armed Homeowner in Marysville

An armed homeowner and two suspects are being sought by the Marysville police following an incident that occurred overnight. There were several 911 callers regarding gunshots near the 8400 block of 41st Drive NE, which led officers to investigate.

Several departments sent officers to the scene. According to the authorities, three masked individuals in a stolen car approached a homeowner who had just returned home armed with a weapon. Reports indicate that the homeowner and the suspects engaged in gunfire.

As soon as they heard the gunfire, residents reportedly dove for shelter. The witness who heard the gunfire, Encep Tisna, recalled telling the woman to “go down and lay on the floor” because they had to be cautious should a bullet go up their necks.

There were bullet holes and shattered glass in numerous of the houses. People living in the area told KOMO News that the sound of the gunfire was terrifying. “Three or four minutes later, the sound of gunfire became increasingly louder; maybe it was coming from closer, maybe they were firing from a different location initially,” remarked Arief Firmansyah, whose automobile bore multiple bullet holes.

Marysville Shooting With Armed Homeowner

They were all three suspects, and they all took off running after the firing stopped. Multiple police dogs and drones were utilized in an extensive search that lasted for hours as authorities attempted to apprehend the perpetrators.

Although a police canine did manage to track down one suspect, the other two remain elusive. This shooting was unexpected, according to multiple locals.

Debby Young, who resides across the street, remarked, “It was pretty startling, very startling” due to the extremely tranquil and beautiful environment.

Evidence was recovered in large quantities by the authorities. Everyone wants the criminals apprehended so they can finally relax in their own area, according to the residents. Firmansyah expresses her desire to reside in a community free from violence, crime, and any such issues.

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