Student Charged With Planting Fake Bomb at Logan High School

Authorities arrested a Logan High School student Wednesday after they found a “suspicious” object that looked like a pipe bomb on school grounds.

A “suspicious device” was found by the Logan-Hocking School District just before 11 a.m. on Wednesday. This prompted police from both the city and the school site to respond, a spokesperson for the school district said.

When an unknown person pulled the fire alarm while students were protesting, the Logan Police Department, the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office, the Logan Fire Department, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol were all notified. During a search of the school, emergency workers found a suspicious-looking package in the bathroom.

Later, crews were able to figure out that the device wasn’t real.

A spokesman for the Logan Police Department said that investigators looked at camera footage and talked to people to see if they could find any clues about the suspects.

During the probe, the police got a warrant for the arrest of a male student at the high school who was under the age of 18. The student was taken to the Multi-County Juvenile Detention Center on Thursday, one day after the event.

Public records showed that he was charged with making people scared and with illegally having or using a fake weapon of mass destruction. Both of these are fourth-degree crimes.

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Classes Were Canceled for Two Days

A spokesperson for the Logan-Hocking School District said that classes and attendance were canceled for two days, Thursday and Friday, while investigators looked for evidence all over the school grounds.

Even though the school wants to “support” their students’ right to make their voices known and gather peacefully, the district’s spokesperson said that the district did not agree with any forms of protest that raised “safety and liability concerns.”

The tweet below shows the video of the evacuation:

“We are going to punish students who broke the student code of conduct, acted in a way that was disrespectful, or put themselves or others in danger during the protest,” a representative said.

The district did, however, tell kids that no one who protested peacefully would be punished for this event.

“In the future, students who want to use school buildings for peaceful protests or other group gatherings to express ideas or opinions can do so as long as the administration gives permission before the start of the school day, after the end of the school day, or at any other time when school buildings are not being used for school purposes,” the spokesperson said.

“According to our normal attendance rules, any student who doesn’t show up to class or walks out of class for any reason will be punished.” “Students could also get in trouble if they make it hard for the school to run,” the representative said.

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