Pete Davidson Lost His Beloved 2-year-old Puppy Recently

Pete Davidson is inconsolable over the loss of Henry, his beloved 2-year-old puppy. On his friend’s Instagram, the comic wrote, “We lost a key member of the Davidson family.” Despite not having his own social media accounts, Davidson, 29, has occasionally communicated with his fans by way of his friend and collaborator, Dave Sirus.

“Henry was only 2 years old but unfortunately got very sick very fast,” Davidson posted on Instagram. At the start of the epidemic, my mother, sister, and I adopted Henry, and he ended up saving our lives. “Not sure [I’d] even be around without him,” the post continued.

Davidson has been forthright on his battles with mental illness. Davidson disclosed his diagnosis of borderline personality disorder in 2018. After comedian Bob Saget passed away last year, Sirus posted a post from Davidson. Davidson claims that Saget was instrumental in helping him “get through some rough mental health stuff.”

Pete Davidson Lost His Beloved 2-year-old Puppy Recently
Pete Davidson Lost His Beloved 2-year-old Puppy Recently

When Davidson was on “Saturday Night Live,” Davidson wrote, his mother would email him footage of their kid Henry watching the show and “smiling and making noise” whenever he appeared on TV. “I don’t ever really watch any of my stuff with anyone as I’m far too scared but I didn’t mind watching with Henry,” he wrote. “He was truly the best.”

Don’t wallow in regrets or dwell on the past. Here are some recent news related dogs:

Pictures and videos of Davidson, his mother, and his sister with their nephew Henry were posted online. As he put it, they are “heartbroken” and “will miss him forever.” “Thank you for making our lives fuller and reminding me what actually matters,” he said.

Davidson did not elaborate on what exactly killed Henry. The semi-autobiographical film “King of State Island” and Davidson’s new comedy series “Bupkis” were both co-written by the two men. Sirus worked on “Saturday Night Live” while Davidson was a cast member.

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