A Pupil in Brazil Stabbed to Death an Instructor, 71, and Injured 5 Others

State officials in Brazil’s largest city said on Monday that a 13-year-old pupil killed a 71-year-old instructor and injured three teachers and two other students with a knife at a public school. The five wounded victims from the Thomazia Montoro school in São Paulo were in hospital in stable condition.

The alleged assailant has been detained, and the military police of the state is currently looking into the incident. Governor Tarcsio de Freitas stated on social media,”Our efforts are concentrated on helping the wounded and comforting the family members,”

A child who spoke to reporters outside the school with his mother said the attacker had insulted another student the week before and that the female teacher he fatally stabbed had tried to mediate the dispute.
A Pupil in Brazil Stabbed to Death an Instructor, 71, and Injured 5 Others

The assailant had dubbed the other student a “rat,” and “the other one did not like it, and they began fighting,” said Gabriel Livramento, 13, who is in the same class as the suspect. He stated that the attacker did not appreciate the way the teacher had intervened and had said he would do something about it.

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Livramento said the assailant wore a skull mask into class on Monday and stabbed the instructor from behind, striking her in the head and back. After that, he claimed, the entire class took off running.

The child had searched for ways to obtain a pistol on the internet, officials claimed at an afternoon press briefing. He had just transferred to this school from another.

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