Brooklyn Gun Buyback Event Nets 90 Firearms Turned in

On Saturday, residents of Brooklyn had the opportunity to exchange their firearms for cash.

It was a component of a state-wide gun buyback initiative led by Letitia James, the attorney general of New York.

Without asking any questions, the state took away weapons from nine separate places and replaced them with pre-paid gift cards.

The event was held at the Roman Catholic All Saints.

The tweet below confirms the news:

90 firearms, according to officials, were delivered in just three hours. The Brooklyn District Attorney was particularly pleased with the quantity of smaller firearms turned in. He claims that since they are simpler to conceal, criminals use them more frequently.

Additionally, the state gathered weapons at a location in the Bronx and at the Suffolk County regional office of the Attorney General.

The amount of cash awarded varied depending on the type of firearm.

Ghost guns or assault weapons earned you a $500 gift card.

Additionally, handguns brought in $500 for the first one turned in and $150 for each additional one.

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