California is Getting Its Largest Electric Truck Charging Station

Forum Mobility, an Oakland-based company, has unveiled plans for its largest electric truck charging depot in Livermore, California. The $20 million project, set to open in 2024, will have enough space, grid power, and high-voltage chargers to simultaneously serve up to 96 battery-powered heavy-duty trucks.

The depot is part of Forum Mobility’s efforts to build a network of charging depots and lease electric trucks to freight haulers in compliance with California’s mandate to switch to zero-emission trucks.

However, the company’s target of 600 chargers across the state by next year is just a fraction of what California will need to meet its Advanced Clean Fleets rule, which requires the conversion of 1.8 million commercial trucks to emissions-free vehicles over the next two decades.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Forum Mobility is receiving assistance from East Bay Community Energy, which provided a $4.5 million low-interest loan and is also exploring options like on-site solar panels and batteries to mitigate its grid power demand.

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However, the challenge lies in the availability and capacity of the power grid to support the increasing demand for electric truck charging infrastructure.

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