De@dly Violent Spree in San Jose and Milpitas Ends in Arrest: 3 Lives Lost

At least three individuals were stabbed and three more were hit with a carjacked vehicle on Thursday in Milpitas and San Jose, according to authorities. There have been at least three fatalities, and two more are in critical condition.

Minutes apart in the city’s southwestern area, two stabbing incidents, according to San Jose police, happened. The first incident occurred at the intersection of Kooser Road and Dellwood Way, close to Blossom Hill Road in the Pepper Tree area of the city.

At approximately 3:11 p.m., police arrived to find a stabbing victim in critical condition. Officer Steven Aponte, a spokesman for the police department, said that the suspect stole the victim’s car and drove it about two miles to the 1800 block of Hillsdale Ave., where he carjacked another vehicle, stabbed the driver, and fled in it, striking a pedestrian in the Target parking lot on the way.

De@dly Violent Spree in San Jose and Milpitas Ends in Arrest 3 Lives Lost

While the guy who was hit by the car did not sustain life-threatening injuries, the second victim who was stabbed did. Later, according to Aponte, the suspect and car were seen around the 16th and E. Santa Clara streets area, near where the two pedestrians had been hit on purpose. The wounds proved fatal for both.

Around 4:30 p.m., officers in Milpitas responded to the 400 block of Jacklin Road to investigate a stabbing that had taken place in the parking lot of a Smart & Final. Police stated they tried everything to save the Jacklin Road victim, but the person ultimately died despite their best efforts.

A short time later, a suspect was apprehended not far from the Smart & Final shop, near the intersection of Midwick Dr. and Arizona Ave. This suspect remains unnamed. Milpitas and San Jose police departments have independently reported that they believe the same individual is responsible for all instances.

The below tweet verifies the news:

We are currently working with [Milpitas police] to make sure that the suspect they have in custody matches the suspect that we have wanted for these incidents that I just described,” Aponte said. “As of right now, we feel comfortable that there is no ongoing threat to the public.”

According to Aponte, the investigation into whether or not the suspect is connected to any other crimes is ongoing. “We’re still investigating to see if there are additional crimes that have occurred that we’re not aware of,” Aponte said.

“So if anybody has more information about incidents that involved violent felonies that occurred during this afternoon time period here in San Jose or in other neighboring jurisdictions, we want to know about those.” According to Aponte, detectives have not determined a reason for the crime wave. Aponte indicated that investigators would likely spend the entire night at the various crime scenes.

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