Drive-by Shooting in Cincinnati Leaves Four De@d: Vehicle Located

The vehicle involved in the drive-by shooting that left four people de@d in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood on Wednesday night has been located. Earlier on Thursday, the black 2017 Hyundai Sonata was discovered by police in the 4900 block of Keen Avenue in Bond Hill, as stated by a CPD spokesperson.

There was no one in the car when I arrived. It’s in the works right now. When police searched the vehicle, they found no weapons. Whether or not illegal substances or cash were discovered remains unknown. The department is receiving numerous tips relating to the probe, according to the spokeswoman.

The Investigative Unit for District One of the Cincinnati Police Department can be reached at 513-352-3505 if anyone has any information about the incident. According to Cincinnati Police Chief Teresa Theetge, four people were shot in the area of East McMicken Avenue and Lang Street: three young people (ages 10 to 14) and one male in his 20s.

The below tweet verifies the news:

The police do not think the man was present when the shooting started with the teens. Dan Hils, a retired police sergeant from Cincinnati, says he’s been in the force for 35 years and has never seen anything like it. ”That is an incredible blessing, because with all those bullets sprayed around, it’s amazing that we don’t have four, five or six, seven people de@d,” Hils said.

On Thursday, a group of young people from the nearby Wesley Chapel Mission Center went for a stroll around the area. ”Man this is crazy,” said 16-year-old Zion Baker. “My siblings was right here. They were either at this park or they was at the school park, but either way, anything could happen. Any one of my five siblings could have been shot yesterday.”

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CPD published CCTV footage of the shooting earlier on Thursday. People can be seen running for cover as the black vehicle stops at the crossroads and someone opens fire with what appears to be dozens of shots.

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